The excitement of an April

As I’ve been watching my Timehop app, and Facebook’s new “On this day” feature, I discovered having statistically boring Aprils.  Then I thought, how can I make April 2015 more exciting?

Monday-Friday I go to work at a job that I mostly enjoy.  From 5-730pm those nights, I make dinner, do laundry, do dishes, play with the kids, bathe them some nights, put them to bed.  I follow that up with more laundry, house work, or lounging in bed watching ER.  Weekends are packed with swim lessons, birthday parties, lawn work, outside time, grocery shopping, etc., etc.

All of that – I love.  I’ve been doing those things in Aprils for years.  Which means I’ve been busy, hence less exciting social media posts.  Which is a great thing!

I am on my iPhone plenty, and I rarely judge other parents on their phones when they are out with their kids.  I know that we all could put our phones down more and enjoy what is in front of us.  I cherish the time I spend behind the phone’s camera capturing memories of my rugrats and I enjoy sharing those photos with others.  I hear time and time again how much folks enjoy seeing their big eyes and goofy moments.  And watching my history of a day, I see that the more recent the year, the fewer memories listed.  I find joy in that – it means I did put my phone down to enjoy my life.

April 2015 has been full of joy.  Eloise has started talking more and acting like a little girl instead of a tiny baby.  She has decided she wants to potty train and loves playing outside.  Lincoln has stopped saying stupid and talking about poop all.the.time. and changes best friends every other day.  They had excellent reports at their conferences and enjoy being together so much.  Justin and I are in our routines and have started doing more outside projects.  April is 15 days in and we’ve done those things and so much more.

I’m not sure I’d want April to be any more exciting!

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