I am sitting here in statistics.  Just waiting until the next step, cause I went ahead. 

I was watching my grandparents’ house and animals this weekend.  As I may have mentioned before, they have 2 dogs, 1 bird, and a bunch of fish.  The little puppy has to stay in a crib when no one is home.  He will be in there a long time today, since I have to be at school.  Poor little guy.

Well this weekend has been interesting.  Good I think.

Okay, back to stats!


Thank you to all of those who filled out my survey.  I really appreciate it.  Hopefully I get a good grade on my project! 

Life is good. 

Love is good.

Stats time!


I know how much people hate surveys, but I would really appreciate if you all could answer these few questions for me.  It is for my midterm project in Stats class.  The information will be confidential and will only be seen by my professor and me.  Please copy them into an email and email them to me at  Thanks so much!

What is your gender?


Are you a student?         


What is your age?

How many computers do you own?

How many hours a day do you spend online?

How many hours a week do you spend doing homework online?

Do you spend more time online than on your homework?


Do you pay to download music online?


Do you shop online?









Happy Valentine’s Day! 

**Especially to my Justin**

That was for all of you who read my site even though I am not privileged enough to have an RSS feed.

Seeing It All

Love is not blind– it sees more, not less.  But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.
~Rabbi Julins Gordon

I think this is very true. 

I also think that I am going to try to start out each post with a quote.  It makes me happy.  It may not make any of you happy, or unhappy.  You may just not care.  But since it makes me happy it is what I will do.

Today has been stressful. 

The Superbowl is tonight.  I am excited, despite bad moods and people not being there that I wish were.  This is my favorite family tradition.  Every year it is at one of four families’ houses.  We have tons of food and watch lots of commercials.  I have to admit that the commercials are my favorite. 

Last night, I saw The Wedding Date.  I loved it!  It starred Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney.  They had excellent on screen chemistry.

There is one part of watching movies with Justin that I do not like.  Movies are often romantic, or have romantic scenes.  There are many times when I watch a scene and I realize how in love I am with Justin all over again.  And other scenes make me fall in love all over again.  Some make me wish that we were married.  There are scenes where I wish that Justin could be as romantic as the man in the movie.  These are all fine and dandy feelings, but I look at Justin and wonder if he ever feels like I am.  Also I feel silly telling him any of these because I think he will think I am silly.

So that paragraph was really pointless.  I sure haven’t posted in a while.  Hopefully I can be more regular with it now, but I am school and work busy a lot.  Anyways…

Have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday!

Good Ol’ Thoreau

If one advances in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.
~Henry David Thoreau

So, I am one of those people who like to take showers at odd times of the day.  For example, I took one today at 330pm.  Interesting eh?  I just like to feel clean I guess!

I have decided to become a nurse.  I hope I do not change my mind again, and I do not think I will.  But I am really excited.  It will take more schooling than I ever wanted, but that is what one has to do to become what they want!  My family and Justin are supporting me.  Although not everyone thinks it is the wisest idea, I do not care.  It is what I want to do.

And as Thoreau says, I will meet success unexpected in common hours.

Peace 😉