Smooth moves

About 3 weeks ago now, we moved into our new home. “Blue house”, as Link calls it, has been an incredible blessing already.  We went from a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom townhome with awful neighbor dogs and no safe yard to play in, to a 5 bed 4 bath mansion (not really, but it feels like it somedays) with amazing neighbors, my parents down the road, and a beautiful fenced in backyard overlooking a pond and a park down the road.  We are so very happy in our new home, and we are very blessed to have had this opportunity.4356695_0

Lincoln has been adjusting fairly well.  He likes his blue room, and loves to go into Baby Sister’s room and run around the random furniture we have in there.  He has his very 0wn bathroom and playroom, and loves the rare opportunity to go to the basement!  We don’t go down there much yet, and it still feels like such a surprise every time I go down!  We never had this much space before!

Speaking of Baby Sister, we are into the third trimester now!  She is growing well and moving around constantly!  I have had quite a few contractions already (just Braxton Hicks, so not painful) so I have been restricted to not lifting anything over 10 pounds.  This means not lifting Link, which doesn’t work out very well.  I still lift him plenty!  But everything looks fine, so chances are she’s going to stay in there as long as she needs (but hopefully not quite as long as her brother did!).

Otherwise, life is good.  We are happy.  And as long as Link stops having nightmares about cows and dogs, we will be talking big kid bed transition soon!

One thought on “Smooth moves

  1. Can’t wait to see it! With so much space you should have a room soley devoted to Grey’s Anatomy marathons. Just a thought. 😉

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