These are the kind of people that bug me:

1. Those who create drama

2. Those who think the world revolves around them

3. Those who think everyone else’s should too

4. Those who don’t realize how much others care about them

5. Those who don’t let others care

6. Those who wine

7. Those who drink

8. Those who drink addictively

9. Those who don’t propose marriage… that’s only Justin 😉

10.Those who hurt themselves

11.Those who act stupid

12.Those who think money is what matters

13.Those who don’t care about others

14.Those who never smile

That is all I can think of right now. I am not sorry if that bugs anyone. I thought it needed to be said.

I feel lost right now. I do not know what I am doing next year. I am still waiting on answers from nursing schools. I know what I won’t be doing next year, but that isn’t public knowledge quite yet.

I also feel lonely. I know God is here, and I am trying to make sure that I realize that He is what matters. With God’s help, I know I will fulfill my purpose here, I just have to learn patience. As Ben said today, if you go first, then you will see.

Ever stood at the edge of a cliff, and God said, "One more step"?


My front post is broken. This is a quick post to get it back to normal.

I have a killer physiology test tonight. I must do well. Therefore, back to studying!