Today has been a very good day.  Nikki and I went shopping, and I got some cute stuff.  Ate food, dissed ex’s, went to the phone doctor.  Good quality time with Nikki.

Tonight I do not know what I am going to do but that is okay. 



I am tired.  It has been a long week, but a pretty good one.

Tonight should be fun, I am looking forward to it.  Some good time spent with my honey and friends without work getting in the way.  Well, it probably still will, but only in conversation.

Work is getting kinda old.  I am not sure how much I like 40 hour work weeks, but I love the paychecks.  Everyone is busy this summer.  I have not been to the beach once, and I only layed out in the sun once or twice.  What a summer, and it is almost over.  Then it will be off to college.

I am going to go do something now.

See ya all on the flip side!


I do not really feel like updating, but I am anyways.

Life is going fairly well.  Tonight I am not very happy.  Actually, it has been a pretty sucky day.  But at least it is almost over. 

Other than today, I have been pretty darn happy.  Changing your life plans takes guts, I think.  I am excited, yet scared.

I think I will go down to bed now before I fall asleep right here.  Night all.


These past few days I was at Sonshine, a Christian music festival.  I was there with 18,000 other people and 120+ bands.  This was my 3rd year going.  Nothing spectacular happened to me, and I was not moved greatly.  But it was an amazing trip.  This trip was the first year I lifted my hands to praise Jesus completely of my own will.  This year I saw a good friend realize that there is so much more to being a Christian.  And this year I saw God’s power work in mighty ways.

Now this music festival is one of the greatest weekends of my year, and the one I plan months, even a year ahead.  Actually, I plan on going to Sonshine every year for the rest of my life.  I love the people, the company, the music, and the worship.  

In August there are a couple of things that I am looking forward to.  August 7-8 is the Luis Palau Festival.  This will be a huge Christian festival on the steps of the Capitol.  There will be awesome bands including Third Day, Casting Crowns, and TobyMac.  This is a free event where you can gather with Christians who are close to God and those who are still searching, and listen to a wonderful speaker. 

Also in August I am attending TEC.  This is Teens Encounter Christ.  It is kind of like the adult cursillo, which may mean nothing to you.  But it will be wonderful for me.  In my faithwalk, I tend to stray a lot.  I find it hard to stay close to God and keep a close relationship with Him.  So I am really hoping that this will be good for me.  Prayers help.

You know, I am not quite sure what I want to do with the rest of my life.  But one thing I do know is that I want to serve Jesus with my life.  And with Him, I know I can do that.  It will take lots of time, faith, and love.  It is possible. 

I am going to eat my pizza now.  Remember, you are all in my prayers.  I love ya.

My Kitty

Have I even mentioned that I have a new kitten?  Well I do.  Her name is Violet.  My little baby is nine weeks old.  We love her.  The only prblem I have is that I keep calling her Sammy.  but I will get used to her.

I got a perm today!  It is really curly, and I am not sure I really like it, but it is cute.  I just wanted more loose curls, but that is not what happened.  Oh well.

Tonight Justin is having movie night.  You are all invited.  Just give us a call if you wanna come.  There will be pizza.  Bye now!


I am happy. 

Very tired.

Happy though.

No tattoo.  I am okay with that.  Relationships are about compromise.  I love Justin.  I made the decision completely by myself. 

I think I should get down to bed.  Soon I will.  Very soon.

Tomorrow is my first day off in a while.  I am very looking forward to getting up later.  I have a nail appointment at noon, so that is not too bad.

Nikki is a cool girl

So is Kristina, and she understands things.

Mertens is nice and cool also.

Okay, so completely random shout outs today.  That is something that I do not do. 

I have not really seen Rob lately, and he has not been online at all.  It is too bad.  Rob, if you read this, Justin may be having movie night tomorrow, so give one of us a call!

I will not be attending church service this Sunday for those of you who it matters to.  I am going to be working morning shift so that I can attend a big fun Radabaugh family reunion.  I am kinda excited though.  I really do love my family.  Justin is likely to attend this with me.  It really makes me feel special that he loves me enough to come to family things with me.  And I love that my family is so welcoming.  When I have children, I hope my husband and I are as welcoming as my family is. 


I do not like 2-handed 500.  I SUCK!  Justin is like 1000+ points ahead of me!  (I know it is called 500, but we are keeping a running tab.)  Justin and I have been playing at Pepper’s the past two nights, and it has been lots of fun.  But I seem to get sour as I start to lose.

I work Saturday 730-4, Sunday 730-2, Monday 8-4, and Tuesday 8-4.  That is only 32 hours this week.  But that is okay since I am missing the last 8 due to Sonshine.  I have really no problem with that.  I am so excited!

I hate boobs.  To whoever that comment offended, I apologize.  But they are annoying.  And after children they get all saggy and icky.  Who wants them?  Well, guys I guess.  But if they had to walk around with heavy, saggy boobs for a day, I think they would understand a little better.

Well, I feel like solitaire.  I bid you all adou.