I’m a Big Kid Now

I have officially applied for three big kid jobs!  I wrote my resume and cover letter for them.  I am so proud of myself for following through on something that had to be done.  While I am very nervous about the interviews and finising all of my semester homework, I know that I can do it.

I applied for jobs at the Minnesota Historical Society, University of MN, and University of St. Thomas.

I still really want to be a Librarian, and some of the jobs that I am applying for are related to that type of career.

The closer I get to December 18th, the more nervous and apprehensive I am, but I am also very proud of the last four years (at least) of my life.

Good job me!

On another note… it’s almost CHRISTMAS!!!!

Pictures and Deadlines

The end of the semester is approaching fast… way too fast!  It is amazing how close I am to graduating.  I am having many freaking out moments where I think that I will not be able to finish everything.  I have never failed a class before though, so I know that I will be able to do it, I just have to put my foot down and make myself do everything and finish strong.

I really need to finish all of my cover letters.  I cannot even apply for jobs until I do so, and a job I need to find.

All of our wedding photos are online now.  There are many albums to look at.  Our professional photographers started with over 4000 photos.  There are now 1500+ color corrected and edited photos in an album to look at a bit easier, and I printed and put in albums just under 400 of them.  I will post the link here, but please feel free to let me know you want to look at my photos and we can meet for coffee or something.  I am so excited to show everyone!

Here is the link for the edited photos

Make sure to continue to check OurVows for updates on our life together.

On a sidenote, I joined Gold’s Gym in Woodbury.  My friend Lindsey called me last night and invited me to go.  I am so glad I went because she was able to show me how to use a lot of the weight machines, and if she hadn’t shown me, I don’t think I ever would have used them.  So thanks Lindsey!  Hopefully I can continue to go often and make a difference on my body.