I do not want my graph to look bad, so I thought that I would update. I need to get back in the habit of doing it all of the time. Maybe I will. At least I will try. I should do it every time that I am at my grandma’s, but Explorer always crashes. It is very annoying.So it is Tuesday. Tuesday the 30th. Woot. Today was fine. I went to english this morning. Then I went over to my grandma’s house and sat at the computer the whole time talking to Justin and Nikki. At 1 I went to my stress management class where we did Tai Chi. This did not help me relax, but it made my back hurt worse. How nice of it huh. Then I went over to my aunt Heidi’s house to pick up my aunt Katie. I brought her to her appointment in Woodbury and then I went home. Since I got home, around 230, I have been laying on the couch. Minus about half an hour for applying to St. Thomas and eating dinner. Well I ate dinner on the couch too. So now I am just killing time. At 9 I can go to bed and talk to my sweety. I could clean my room or something, but I am not. I don’t feel like doing much of anything. My birthday is in 32 days now. I would like to do 3 things: go clubbing, go gambling, and stay in a hotel. So far nothing will happen I think. Clubbing– Justin does not want to go. Gambling– will happen but not with my dad because I don’t like him anymore. Hotel– Yeah right. So I am sure that my 18th birthday will be everything that I ever hoped for and more. Not. Well, I shouldn’t expect too much. It isn’t like it is that big of a deal anyways. It is only my birthday.I did something nice today. It was really fun. And it is a surprise! But I can’t tell what it is, and nobody can ask, unless their name is Nikki. Justin, don’t get any ideas. The surprise is probably not even for you.So I think that I have proven that I cannot talk to my parents civilly. I would go into detail, but I am not going to. Feel free to ask me! I don’t have much to say anymore. I am going to go look up Blast! and then I will be off to bed. Goodnight and I hope you all live to see tomorrow.


I am sitting at a computer and I cannot think of anything to do on it. I checked my email, read sites, and that’s it. I am at a loss. I am at school right now, one of the main places that I update.I am sick. This sucks. I don’t know where it came from! I was fine a couple of days ago. I feel like I am going to die. That would be sad. Poor Justin. He doesn’t even get to see me on my last day on earth. I am supposed to go to a sneak preview thing for Arizona State University tonight but I don’t know if I can. I wonder if my dad will just go and get me the information. I just don’t think that I can do anything tonight. I wonder if ASU has a journalism major. That’s something that I could do! Maybe I will.Seeing as I am not feeling well, and I can’t do anything, I don’t have any more to say. I will update again soon… unless I am dead.


I have many loves in my life. Without these beings, I would be lost. I am very blessed. These are my loves:I love him.I love her.I love her.I love him.I love him.I love him.I love them.I love him.I love them.There are a lot of people that I love, and kitties! I know that I missed some people, like my mom, but I don’t have a pic of her. BTW, I love my mom, Kyle, Heather, Maria, my family, Derek, and lots and lots of other people!


So this will be quick because I have class really soon. I have been sitting here working on a new layout. I have lots and lots of ideas. They are probably too extensive for Justin to code, well at least some of them. But I don’t know. If I knew how to code then I could answer this. So I am going to go away now. I need to grab a drink before class. Check hidden!


So I got my first assignment in college back today. I received an 81% on it. Not too good, but it will do. I misunderstood some of it, which I am sure that it was because I just did not read the instructions well enough. Oh well! I will do better next time. I am sitting here in my Biology of Women class. It is a library day today. My teacher is being rather dumb. She cannot get the overhead to show up on the projector screen, but all she has to do it move the table. She just does not realize this. Yesterday was Justin and I’s four month, as I mentioned yesterday. We went out to eat at Donatelli’s Restaurant. I had never been there before, and it was pretty cool. Afterwards, we went to his house and watched Sleepless in Seattle with his sister. It was lots of fun. A good way to spend our four month. He sure does love me, and I love him. It is such a good feeling to know how close we are. We are able to work through so many things. I am going over to Derek’s house this morning to babysit his kids. That should be fun, I love his kids. Then later I have to run up to school and drop off suckers and money. I also have to work tonight. 3-7, how fun. But it pays me money, so I might as well appreiate it! My week is fairly busy. I will probably give you a schedule later on this week. Have a good day!

These Days….

Somedays I just do not understand things. I am trying to be nice. I really am, and I am trying to be good. But right now, I just don’t know. Today is Justin and I’s 4 month. I know that 4 months is not a very big deal, but still. I wanted to spend it with him. I know that he has to go to work, and I shouldn’t be upset by that. He is never upset when I have to work. So why does it bother me today? I am so scared that we won’t make it. I am trying not to be, but I am. I hate the feeling of being unable to control my own tears. I can usually stop my self from crying. But right now, I just don’t seem to be able to. So I am crying, my stomach hurts really bad, my throat is closing, and I feel like I am going to faint. I sure hope that I don’t seeing as I am home alone. Maybe I will just deal with not seeing him again today. I would like to, but I don’t want to come up with any ideas of things to do. I was really excited to do something with his family, but oh well. I need to stop being the dumb girlfriend, and just be nice and leave him be.