Hopefully Not the Last

I feel like I should update my blog seeing as I have this goal of updating it often.  It’s not like I am too busy to do so, I just forget to do it 🙂

On Wednesday I am having shoulder surgery.  Not a huge deal, just fixing some things that are wrong with it.  Besides getting my wisdom teeth pulled, I have never had surgery before, and I am a bit terrified.  They aren’t even cutting me open, but I think my problem is that I watch too many doctor shows so I have seen the incredibly unlikely scenarios happen all too often.  After the surgery I have to be monitored for 24 hours to make sure I don’t have a funny reaction to the anesthesia.  Justin can’t be at home the whole time, so he wants to set up a webcam.  Sounds like him doesn’t it?

In other news… still no job :-/  I fortunately have many smaller jobs that keep the bills paid.  I am very grateful to God for this because I could have nothing.  I just didn’t picture life after college to be the way that it is turning out to be.

The great thing about not having a “real” job is that it doesn’t really matter overall.  I have a great life!  I am married to someone that I love very much no matter how much we argue about the right way to do things!  I have a loving family and great friends.  Plus I have God, who provides for me and never lets me go.

Sappy, I know… but what if this is my last post?

If it is… Dad gets my car 🙂