The Good and the Bad

Whoever you are who likes to comment on my website, you have to much time on your hands. And I think you are dumb.

As some of you know, I was a Santa’s Helper last year at Marshall Fields. Well I will be doing that again this year. The exciting part is that I am probably going to be promoted to manager!

A sad thing that happened today was that Captain Jack died. His were some of my favorite DDR songs. So here’s to you Captain Jack!

Speaking of deaths, a bird flew into a window at my grandma’s house and died. It was funny and sad.

Well I am going to go away.


I have a comment system now. You will need to go to to get an account so that you can comment here. Rinsefirst is a very interesting read, especially if you like computer gibberish. Thanks so much.


I apologize to those of you who are getting sick of my website being broken. I too am sick of it. Because of this, I will be switching to a members only comment system soon. I did not want to go this way, because I wanted to encourage anyone to comment on my posts without needing to give out their information. But I suppose that this will be a good thing. This will prevent my site from getting broken, and also hopefully prevent me getting insulted so much ;-).

There is one alternative though. We could do it a slighty different way where those commenting do not need to be members and it will prevent my site from being broken.

I would like your opinion on this, so if you all could tell me what you think, it would be much appreciated. Thanks.