My Struggle

I am struggling with a big decision for my future.

I am contemplating switching schools. Right now I am at the U of MN. I am pursuing a history degree with hopes of getting a teaching license. Now, the U is great and all, but I have felt so lost here. I have changed my major multiple times, and still it doesn’t feel right.

So I am thinking about changing to Concordia to do the Lutheran Classroom Teacher program. I LOVE teaching Lutheran classes, and I feel that this would be better for my life.

There are a lot more details that I am still hashing out. Many more pros and cons of each. I am going to be meeting with both schools to figure out the future and which one would take longer and so on.

Please keep me in your prayers, and as soon as I know, you will too.

Emo Life

So I have an iPod. Who doesn’t?

But when I am walking down the streets I always wish my life was a music video.

I have done this for years. When driving in cars or whatever and listening to music, I always think about how much better I could make a music video for the song.

I always think of how I could be walking down the street listening to music with the artist playing in the background. Then i think about what photos or other scenes would play.

How cool would it be though seriously?

Maybe our lives are just a big music video…


So I am hungry, and I am thinking about food. Now, I have class until 1:15 on West bank. Middlebrook only has lunch until 1:30. This presents a problem because 15 minutes to get there and eat usually does not work. I have class at 2:30 again then. I could go back to Centennial to eat, but I really don’t want to for fear of not actually going to my next class then. I could eat here on West bank or in Coffman, but I am spending way too much flexdine. This is all such a dilemma.

Oh but it is Wednesday! This means that it might be Amber/Heejin time day. But I have my 1:1. Oh my this is all so difficult. Goodness.

Oh my. I finished two papers last night at 2am. I really should start them earlier.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat. It sucks.

So this has probably been the most boring post for you all. So sorry!