The concert was awesome! The Newsboys rocked! So did GO FISH!!! And you should definately check out Newsong. They were cool. I got a job! At Damons. I start training soon.What else? I don’t know. Haha. Wanna know something awesome? I am in Richie’s Onus! And I might be a character. We can jump! Right Richie? I think only a few people get that. Oh well! Check out that page of Richie’s tho! It is awesometastic.I should really get some sleep soon. I have the dumb parade in the morning. Oh well. It is awesome that I have opportunites like this to be in a parade. And I am lucky to have feet:)I love Jon!Okay well I think I shall go to sleep now. And remember: "They don’t serve breakfast in Hell!"Song: "Breakfast" by The Newsboys


I have decided I will stop complaining. And I am sorry for annoying you with my problems. Today was great. And it might rain tonight! I hope it does! Why? Because 😉


I had a really good day. Except that I cannot go to Jon’s cabin with him. I understand why, but I have to go to church without him again. Before he was hurt, I loved seeing him play his bass. But he hasn’t been able to. So tonight something with Ria and Sarah?I am in the mood for a good crying movie. I guess I have been for a long time. I need a good cry. Really bad. But I should go sulk in self-pity now. Or I could do something productive……….. Nah. Adios!

One month!

I am awesome! Tonight was fabulous! Why? Because it is Jon and I’s one month. Cool eh?so wanna know what we did? Too bad! But we did end up walking around Ojibway. Yep that is exactly what we did. And we sat under the gazebo. Right Jon? So anyways. Thursday is the Newsboys concert! Yay! I am really excited! Me, Sarah, and Anders are going. We are going to hang out at the fair before, where I shall spend money I shouldn’t. So if any of you want to give me some fair money, that would be great!My week is fairly busy. Wanna know what is going on? Okay if you insist!Tomorrow (Wednesday): Sophomore Orientation where I shall show around a foreign exchange student and help at the Key Club booth. Then it is off to a photo shoot. Seriously! We (my sister and I) are getting our pics taken to be displayed in our salon. Then off to meet with Derek and Trotter. That night we will probably end up school shopping.Thursday: Hang out at the fair with Sarah and Anders, then Newsboys!Friday: Parade at the State Fair. And then, I don’t know, maybe Jon’s cabin if his parents let me. Then the rest of the weekend is open! Unless it is spent at the cabin. But through this whole time, I will be missing Nikki. She is on a family vacation. She may be enjoying herself, but I highly doubt it. So what else is new in my life? I have the huge regret of not seeing my two little cousins since before I left for Jamaica. I hate it! And I miss them so much. But I am going to try and see them soon. So I should go talk to Justin now. So have an excellent day/night/morning.Today’s song: Go here: K102 Playlist or turn on GAC and any song that will play on there I love.