this is the remix to ignition
hot and fresh out the kitchen
mama rollin that body
got evey man in her wishin
sippin on coke and rum
im like so what im drunk
its the freakin weekend baby

im about to have me some fun
I am in Wisconsin right now. My cousin graduated from high school and we came down for her party. There has been a lot of drama here, but nothing too big. Some good times with my cousins and there will be more as the night progresses. I do miss Justin though, and I miss Nikki. But I will be home tomorrow. It is sad though because I will miss church, which is something I really wanted to go to. I always want to go, but we will not be going tomorrow at all. I really don’t want to be here. I really want to go home. Bah humbug. So anyways. Last night Justin and I took Jack and his friend to a movie. It was really fun. Justin is super good with the boys. I rode a motorcycle today for the first time. It was really cool. I never even felt like I was going to fall off or anything. But I am kinda in a bad mood now so I am going to stop writing. If anyone wants to come rescue me, it would be greatly appreciated. Bye.


Welcome to the world wide world of Amber. Amber’s world is completely open to all. If one has questions about the world of Amber, they should ask. Please feel free to email her to seek any information you might long for. And now, as you read about Amber’s world, sit back and enjoy the ride!OK, You win, you caught me daydreaming again
About our sudden evacuation
OK, I give in, I can’t help but wandering
But it seems I can’t get enough information
Curiosity has got a hold of me
Tell me how it’s gonna be – when
One day I’ll see You coming back for me
And all together we’ll fly away
One day I’ll hear that trumpet loud and clear
and all together we’ll fly away
O how I long for the day
When we fly away
Don’t ask me why I keep starin’ at the sky
It’s just I’m lost in anticipation
I know it will be in the twinkling of an eye
It’s just I get lost in my imaginationLife is going. It is going well. Very well. Almost. I miss my best friend. But in the words of someone, give up, but don’t give up. In other news, school will be out next Thursday, only one week from now. I am done with my English speech, which I bombed. I was so incredibly nervous, but I have no idea why. I usually am oka in front of the class. Oh well. LIfe goes on! I have no finals, just a couple of tests. No biggie.What is happening in the next weeks: Justin, this is where bullets would come in handy. Grr. I could sneak into your admin and figure out the code, but that would require remembering the password. By tomorrow I have to 1)study for history so I do not need to cheat again, 2)read some of my book for gender, 3)tell Justin that him not having my garter around his mirror bugs me. By Tuesday I have to 1)finish all of my health projects and 2)study non stop for history. By Thursday I have to 1)have everything done. I have had a good week. I will go over it and my weeks to come for you! Tuesday Justin picked me up and he helped me study. We went to a Twins @ Athletics game that night and we won! 4-3! Wednesday I had fun fun key club. Justin and I went out to eat at Damons. No Adam though. We also worked on the senior grad presentation that I won’t be here for :-(. Thursday (today) Justin picked me up and we dropped Melissa off and went up to church. We worked on the presentation with Derek. Friday Justin and I are going to see Finding Nemo with my 5 year old cousin Jack and his best friend Michael. Justin is so amazing with Jack. It means soooooooo much to me, I wonder if Justin realizes it. Saturday- Sunday I will be in Plover, WI. It is near Steven’s Point. I am going to my cousins grad party. I really wish I could be here on Sunday though, I have not missed a service in a long time. It will be weird. June 5 is the last day of school. June 6 is the MSA graduation. June 7 is Justin’s grad party. June 8 is WHS graduation, I think, and Anna’s grad party. June 9 is my sister’s birthday. June 13 I have a manicure and a pedicure. June 14 is the ball and Sim’s grad party. June 21 is Sarah’s grad party. June 22 is Nikki’s party. July 9-13 is Sonshine. July 14-who knows when we will be at the cabin. August 1-9 is Arizona. Yeah, somewhat busy. I also need to get a job. Meh. I turned in my stuff for PSEO at inver Hills today. I am kind of confused. I am not really sure anymore if teaching is what I want to do when I get older. Maybe it is. I would really just like to be a stay at home mom. I hope my husband will be somewhat wealthy so I can. But the money doesn’t really matter either. As long as we have love. But I have to go to college. So I hope I can start a year early. I wonder… College will be interesting. I need to start realizing that I need to do homework! I think it’s a big thing in college. Hehe. But I learned how to swim and I learned how I was
A lot about livin’ and a litttle ’bout love I have orders to clean my bathroom. I am hungry. I have homework. I should go do all those.I hope you all have a nice day. God Bless.


Somedays you gotta dance. I cannot make everyone happy all of the time. No matter how hard I try. I will be nice. I will love. But…


Okay, so I am updating finally. But I cannot update much, Justin is coming to pick me up. We are going to go to Damons. I am excited, I have been craving it for a while. My nose itches. Yes well, I have to go now.

Just Be

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all will make it memorial. This weekend has been full of, for lack of better words, stuff. I think I can go through them for you. Let’s start with Friday. Justin and I went to my aunt’s house and babysat for my cousins. I was so impressed with Justin. He played with Jack the whole night, and Jack seemed to have a lot of fun. They played in the sand box, and had a water fight. Justin tried to hold Sierra, but she cried, which is very typical of her. She did seem to like him as long as he didn’t get too close. It was kind of amazing, the whole thing. Him just wanting to come with me and him being so good with Jack. Justin even wants to go to Jack’s t-ball game on Thursday and with Jack and I to a movie on Friday. Saturday was prom. We took pictures at Justin’s house and then my house, and more at Dawn’s house. His parents were really cute. They always look so in love. I hope my husband and I look that way someday. We all ate dinner at the Ludwig’s house. It was very delicious. Then after a few stops it was off to the ball! Oh wait, that’s next month. The prom was great. I already mentioned a few things about it. Nikki, Maria, Jake, and Eric didn’t have too much fun I’m sure. But Justin and I did. We danced the entire night. First of all, I have never before danced for an entire dance. Second, I have never before danced like that! Third, I have never before danced with one person the whole night. But after Saturday, I have done all of those. And every single one of them felt wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. After prom we all came back to my house and watched Jerry McGuire. It was pretty good, not as good as I anticipated, but good. Nikki slept over after prom. We woke up half an hour late on Sunday, and met Justin at Perkins. We then went to church. It was a pretty good service. There was a baptism. It was cute. After church, Justin and I stopped by Derek’s and let Bailey out and ran to his house so he could change. Then we came back to my house and my family and Justin went out on the boat. We stayed out there for a long time. It was a lot of fun. I got some sun, well not really. I laid under the sun and it was warm, but I don’t think I "got sun." Boating was a lot of fun. I think Justin had fun too. He is so nice to my sister. I am really glad, and Ash likes him too. He is also really nice to my parents. When we returned home, we ran to Derek’s and then we all went to see Bruce Almighty. It was pretty good, pretty funny. It was a good day spent with my family, but it was not over! Justin and I went to Derek’s and walked Bailey. Then we ran to his house, got pizzas and his suit, and cam back to my house. We went in the hot tub. We are so close. We can sit somewhere and talk, or not talk, and it feels so comfortable. It is 12:42. We came back in, ate pizza, and settled down to watch Armaggaedon. Well, Justin watched it. Ashley and I fell asleep. I fell asleep in Justin’s lap. I guess I held his hand the whole time. When the movie was over, he woke me up, kissed me, and left. I am glad he can feel so comfortable in my house. Today is a new day. Sometime today, I will probably go over to Derek’s with Justin. Otherwise, my day is wide open.