Here Justin, this is for you!Thursday- workFriday- workThere you go! I will try and remember to do that every week.Friday is Jon and I’s 2 month! But I have to work. So we are going to do something Saturday. He is making me pick what we do. I think I am going to drag him to Sweet Home Alabama. How are Jon and I doing you ask? (Okay, so you didn’t, but I will tell you anyways!) We are doing wonderfully! I love him so much! And he loves me too :)Hey Nik, thanks for saying I can talk to you anytime. I will take you up on that! Anyways. Im gonna go avoid some more housework!


I really don’t like school. Especially math class. I usually really like math, but I don’t like my teacher. And I don’t think she likes me. So today I almost cried. Pathetic huh? I could not help it though. I was fighting back tears. Finally class was done. And the first thing that made me smile to doing was Richard. I saw him coming down the hall and he was smiling to see me! And he came up to me and we exchanged hugs. He said, "Long time no see!" Or something to that affect. It made me feel great.The second thing that made me feel good was when Maria, in espanol clase, told me that for being sick I looked really good. How nice of her!Then at the end of third hour I went home. I didn’t feel great. When I got home, I slept until 5pm. It felt great!So now, I am just sitting here until Online Bible Study starts. If it even does, seeing as Derek just had his baby. Adios!


I am really not a patient person. I wish I was. I want so many things out of life, but I can’t have them right now. But it seems like I won’t be able to have them for years. I guess I just need to live with that. I wish I had a best friend that I could talk to about this. Yes, Jon is my current best friend. But a girl best friend is I guess what I need. I didn’t go to school today. I cannot talk. And I was supposed to work, but hostessing doesn’t work that well when you cant talk. But i am going to go now. i need to lay down. i am getting hot flashes.

I am exhausted!

Well, I just got back from my band trip. I had an excellent time. Amazing. But I only got 3 hours of sleep. Why you ask? Well, after talking to guys over the telephone (they were in their hotel room) until 1:30, I fell asleep and woke up at 4:30. That was the time we had to leave for Madison, WI to watch the Badger’s game. I was considering calling Jon, but I am not going to. it is 9:30pm, and we both have to be at church early. Also I am exhausted and it has taken me around 10 minutos to write this. Sorry it wasn’t interesting, and that you still rally have no idea what I was doing in Wisconsin. Goodnight.