I have not been updating very regularly.  I apologize.  I simply do not think my site is very cool.  It does not have an RSS feed, or comments, or an RSS feed that counts the comments.  It is old-fashioned and I want a new site.  Now that said, will that be possible?  I highly doubt it.  Maybe this summer I will teach myself how to code and design a website.  I do believe that will present many challenges, and I am not sure if I am up to it.  But maybe I will try.  I say maybe only because if Justin decides to redesign my site for me, then I will have no need.  But Justin is a very busy man who does not have time for redesigning a properly functioning, non-frequently updated, free website.  Which is just fine by me, since I would rather I get his time than my website.

This is the last week of school for me this semester.  On Thursday, though, I am starting a one-month long nurse assistant training course.  This will hopefully get me a summer job and much experience in the nursing field.  It will also up my chances a little for getting into nursing school.

Also starting this Thursday, I will be staying at my grandma’s house for a week to watch her animals.  I am pretty glad about this because I get a nice Lexus to drive around in.

I have been told that my posts are boring… is that so?  Oh well, life goes on!

Saturday Justin, Richard and I are going to Nascar, like we do on occasion.  I do enjoy going, even though I do not race.  Maybe someday I will learn to.  But for now I am good with holding sandwiches and relaying stats.

What else is new?  I bought a dress for the ball which is on June 11th.  I am pretty darn excited. 

I have to give a speech in about half an hour.  I wrote it last night, and I only practiced it once.  So here’s hoping I do well!  I had to come up with a persuasive speech topic, so I decided on not having random sex.  I think it is kind of a dumb topic, but hopefully it will influence someone not to do it!

With school ending this week, I do not know if I will be updating anytime soon, but I hope to try to be more regular. 

1 speech
1 project
1 quiz
1 homework assignment
4 finalsThat is all that is left!  Good luck to me and to all of those finishing school soon.  (Especially my honey bunny who is having his absolute last [pending further education decisions] week of school!)