Update Amber! Update! I have not been updating lately. I am a bad person. But I will try! Tonight I am going to the high school hockey game! I am super excited. Nikki, Jon, and Smash are coming. It was just going to be us girls, but Jon wanted to come. Which I am really happy about. I was surprised because he told me that he doesn’t like hockey. I guess he wanted to be with me. So I am pretty happy.What else is new? I don’t think anything really. Actually, I am kind of hungry. I could probably help that by getting something to eat! But what? I don’t think we have too much around here.I am really sick of having 3 email accounts. I should shut the other 2 down. I get so much junk mail. FREE SEX! Like I couldn’t get free sex anyways.But I think I am going to go read and eat now. Have a nice day!


"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love"I love Jonathan. More than I ever imagined. Today is our 6-month. Wow, that is half a year.But I am going to go to bed now. Goodnight all. God Bless.


Ok, quick post! I have my cousin over, and I don’t like ignoring her. So happy Saturday! I love you all, and have a fun Superbowl!

Thinking Over

Thinking is the wrong thing to do. Especially overthinking. I am overthinking. I think that I worry too much about Jon and I. I don’t know why. It is probably because he is my first boyfriend, and I really love him. I don’t really need to worry about us, I think we are pretty good. In one week, it will be our six-month anniversary. The past six months have definately been the best of my life. I have never been this happy before. But I have no idea whatsoever to get him. I want it to mean something, but I kinda spent all the money that I have today. So, any ideas?I think I will tell you a couple things I overthink.The first one is my prom. We are for sure going to his prom. But I really want to go to mine also. I asked him and he said that he would if I wanted him to. And I really do. I know Jon is not a fan of proms, and he has a good reason to be. But I am going to go to my prom, and he is the only one that I would really want there with me. And prom is a big deal, so I think I will stick with him going with me. Second, I don’t really know. Well, I do. But I do not want the whole world wide web to know. So I am not going to share. There are other things that I have been thinking a lot about. This is Concordia. I really want this to happen next year. I do not know if I have explained to you all what I am talking about. I am thinking about doing PSEO at Concordia next year. I met with a counselor there and I have all of the papers. And as soon as Derek fills out my recommendation letter, I will send it in. I have been praying so hard and much, and I am so excited. I think I am getting my hopes up too high, which is bad. I still have not told Jon that I am considering this. There are a couple reasons. First, I don’t want to take the attention off of him right now. Afterall, he is the one trying to figure out college for next year. And second, I don’t want him to think that I am going there just to be with him. Yes, it would be nice to see him, but that really isn’t why. This is what I really want. I hope he doesn’t read this, and if he does, I hope he doesn’t get mad that I haven’t told him. I will tell him if I get accepted. But right now, I need a lot of prayer for what God’s plan is about Concordia.Tomorrow I start a new term. And I am tired, so I will say ADIDAS!jrcorps2: yeah, in which case, in your eyes, jon is perfect…


Okay, so I just spent a really long time updating, and my computer went stupid. So I will give a brief outline.1) I am loved.2) I am struggling with prom.3) I had a great weekend.4) God is good.5) I love Jon.6) I want to be a friend now.


Dreams are sure weird. Last night I had a crazy dream. I was pregnant and I gave birth to a baby girl. She was retarded. Before I gave birth to her, I fell asleep somehow. So I woke up and asked my mom if she had a name. My mom had named her Bria. There is nothing wrong with that name, but I would never name my baby it. I was so shocked that my mom would actually name my baby. So then this baby turned into two babies. The babies were both girls but they were teeny tiny, like the size of a barbie doll’s baby. I called Jon to come over. The babies were not his but I needed comfort. I felt so alone. So he came over. Then it turned into some sort of nightmarish place. There was a lot of fire. This girl that I guess was my close friend was shooting out fire from her limbs or something, and she was trying to bring us to safety. Suddenly my girls turned evil, but evil like my friend who was trying to help. The girls’ eyes were bright red and they were spouting out fire from their heads and feet. It was very weird.I understand why I was pregnant- because I want to be! I would love to have a baby now, and if money wasn’t the issue, I think I could handle it very well. But I understand nothing else about the dream. It was so strange.