We are Hokies!

I am having a very hard time knowing what to do about the tragedy at Virginia Tech. I am praying for their families, and I feel so sad for them. But it could have been any school. I think because of the deaths here at my hall, and just general life stress, this is hard to take in. And since it is 2am, I really am not making sense.

All I am trying to say is that I am very sad and I wish there was more that I could do to stop this from ever happening again.

To Begin Again

The last few days at Centennial have been very hellish. We have encountered situations that we could never have been trained for. I have only been impacted by the events through the impact they have had on my friends, but I am still sad. I want to say to my friends that I am truly grateful that you are all such strong people and that I am so proud of the way you are all handling life these past days. I love you all!

On another note, a redesign should be coming soon! I love my site now, but I feel that it is from a different era of my life. I remember thinking of this little child who looks so lost and relating to him. I am hoping that the new design will be much happier and beautiful. This should all happen by May, since I want to be able to post daily about my trip to Germany.

Along with Germany, I will be traveling to Mexico and Florida this summer. I am so very excited for this, and I cannot wait! These trips will lead me into a new chapter in life.

I need some prayers for motivation during the last couple months of school. I am having difficulty staying focused and am finding myself very unattached from school. I feel like I do not care anymore, which is a very bad attitude to have.

Lastly, I want to refer you to rinsefirst.com. Justin finally has it back up. Although it doesn’t talk about me nearly enough, you may enjoy some of it!