Life with Link

Life with Link is quite the amazing adventure!  There is so much to learn about him, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve known him forever.  I have known him longer than anyone else, since I spent 41 weeks and 2 days growing him and learning some of his characteristics.

Getting things done around the house has been much more difficult than I thought.  Link takes some naps during the day, but they are usually short, and often times they are spent in my arms.  If he isn’t in my arms while sleeping, I am often laying down with him.  Fortunately I have had incredible help from my family so we do have clean clothes to wear and dishes to eat off of.

Link is breastfeeding now, with the help of a nipple shield.  I am very glad that this is working well, but I do hope to eventually wean him off of it.

I have much more to write about, but Link is crying, so I must go!