I was accepted to the University of MN General College. I did not think that I was going to be accepted, so I planned my life around going to St. Thomas. All of my Inver Hills classes are aimed at UST, not the U. So what am I going to do now? I think this is close to the biggest decision that I can remember having to make. I really do not know what I want to do. The U has a really good journalism program I think. That is what I want to do, so that makes sense. The U is a lot less expensive also, and it seems like they would be able to give me good financial aid.Boy oh boy, and I have to decide by May 1st. Please pray for me, and I would love any opinions that anyone has for me!


Today has over all been fairly okay. That is not a very good description of my day is it? Hmm… I skipped my first class. I went to my second class. I went to my third class but left early. I hope to attend 95% of my classes in April. That is my goal.I really hate it when I open up a new IE window and then completely forget why I did! Oh well. Life goes on!Oh yes, I remember now. I wanted to see if Rob had updated yet, but he has not. I have church tonight, trinity to be exact. I am getting somewhat sick of trinity. I know that is a bad thing, but it is the truth. I think it is just because I am sick of extra things on my plate. But that is alright. I cannot wait until summer! Sonshine is almost here! I am going to leave now. I have things to do. Good night have you.Laugh.

Hi ho Hi ho…

I do not have much to say today. I skipped my morning classes due to a bad headache. And now I am off to work. I work today from 2-1030. I really like my job. I hope I will be able to transfer to somewhere closer to school next year. But I best be going now! Love.


Today was a really [insert adjective] day. I do not really know what to call it. I think it was good. I think I will outline my weekend for you.Friday:
Friday was good. I started off my day by going to an art museum with my sister for a class. We followed that by going to eat at McDonalds. Later, as I am sure many of you have heard, I went and got a tattoo. That was very exciting, somewhat painful, and definitely permanent. But that is okay, it is good. I am very happy about it. Soon I hope to get a picture online for all to see. Later, my cousins and aunt arrived in from Steven’s Point, WI. Justin came over that night and we DDRed, went out to eat at Champps, and Trivial Pursuited. It was a good night. Saturday:
I started out this day by working. I really like my job. For those of you who do not know, I work as a photo clerk at Walgreens. It is a very good job. Later on, we went to my uncle’s house, as mentioned previously. Justin came with, which was really nice considering he had a lot of work to do. Thank you honey. There we played poker, DDR, and did other random things. I lost Justin a bunch of money, but he came out ahead anyways. I did try hard, I guess I just had no beginner’s luck. Sunday:
Today started out at church, of course. It was a good service. Pastor Ben kept digging a hole for himself, but that was okay. After church I said goodbye to my cousins and aunt. We then headed to Damons. It was me, Rob, Nikki, and Justin. Lunch was nice. After bring Rob home, Justin and I were able to talk some things out. This was a very frustrating and wonderful time. Despite how angry we make each other sometimes, we work. Communication is key people, communication is key! Well I am going to DDR now with my sister. Live.

In the Meantime…

I am going to go over to my aunt and uncles house tonight. Big family get together this weekend. Relatives are in town. It was convenient that it happened to be the weekend that I took off of work. But I shall go now since I need to leave. Bye!