First Order of Business:

So I was wondering what kind of blogs people enjoy reading. Mine never really goes anywhere unless I have an emotional day. John’s is always full of some meaning. Justin is usually a lot of information or content on computers. There are religious blogs and political ones. I would like to hear what you all think about what kind of blog you enjoy reading. Hopefully it will help make mine a bit more interesting.

Second Order of Business:

I have six kittens at my home who would love to be adopted!


That is the link to the information on the kittens. They are only $110, which includes them being mostly vaccinated and they are all fixed. I love these little ones and they love people. We named them after the FRIENDS characters, but they really don’t know their names, so you could rename them. Let me know if you are interested or call the number listed on the link.

Now I shall sleep.


I hate waiting. Waiting for many things… test results, marriage, grades, money… It just sucks.

I started a bible study yesterday. This study that I am doing is a two year study, but I am told that it probably can be done in less. I am really hoping to learn and understand more about God and His teachings.

I am embarrassed to say that my room has been dirty since I moved back in from the dorms. I just do not have places to put all of it! I need a desk…

So since my room is messy, and in need of cleaning, that is what I will go do now.


i hope you are visiting my wonderfully beautiful site and loving it. my wonderful Justin did this for me even though i am not paying him. but i pay him in love 😉 and i now have an rss feed. yay!!!

feel free to please comment on my site as you wish. i know how much you all have to say to me.

please share what you like and do not like about it. i will gladly fix anything that is wrong by telling Justin.

well i must go now. i love you all, my viewers.

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a journey

I am not sure how today was.  Justin left for North Dakota today and will be there until Tuesday.  I am kind of sad.  We were having some problems the last week or so, and it was hard to have to stop working on them.  I also envy the fun that he is having because I wish we had fun like that.  I also wish I could be there with him.  But it isn’t like we are married, so it wasn’t really my place to go with him. 

I worked on a puzzle most of the day.  I happily finished it.  I also had Applebees and DQ, went to some stores with my dad, and watched some tv.

Justin has called me about 2-3 times today, which is more than he calls me when he is here.

I am not really in a good mood.  I really am okay with Justin being gone for three days.  I can go that long without seeing him.  It just is kind of hard since I worry about us sometimes. 

You all probably don’t care 🙂

bananamonkey will be getting a new look soon so I hope you all visit in the next week and are pleased.

Adios for now.

Oh Yeah Life Goes On…

…Long after the thrill of livin’ is gone…

So an update was requested.  Well my latest news is that over the past month I became a certified nurse assistant, and tonight a registered nurse assistant.  That means that I can get a good paying job for the summer and hopefully have a better chance at getting into nursing school eventually.

Do you think that the extreme form of "being schooled" would be "you got colleged"?  Just a question.

Otherwise, life is moving as usual.  Had a fun night at John’s tonight. 

Well, I know that this post is not going to catch up anyone on my life, so sorry.  I just do not feel like catching anyone up.