I am working on updating! Really I am! Today is an okay day. It is going way too slow, though. I am not sure why… it just is. I am turning over a new leaf. This will be good. I told my mom today that we are starting over. I know most of you will have no idea why we need to, but that is okay. I love you honey.


11- That is a hard word to type. But it is the date of May that I am done with school. It is also how many months Justin and I have been together.I hope I do well in my last few weeks. I need to write 2 papers, and I need to finish a take-home test, and study for finals. That does not seem like too much, but it is for me. So I must go now and do those homework stuff. Bye.


I love the male species. Now no one take this the wrong way– I love them nothing like I love Justin. I just love the way they act, and relate to others. I will love having son(s) someday and watching them as they grow. I should be doing my homework. But I am not. There is two more weeks left of school. Woot. I am really super D duper excited to graduate. I do not know why, but I am. I am kind of disappointed about missing senior sunday at church, I thought that that would be a cool day. But oh well, we all have to make sacrifices. And I am going to Cali! So it is definitely worth it. God is amazing. He does a lot of good through people. Today was a retro pizza thing at my church for the developmentally disabled. A bunch of us youth helped serve food and dance with them. It is so much fun, especially the rollerblading around church part. Which, by the way, and thanks to Jake, is restricted to the kitchen area. I love my boy very very much. I love him every minute of every hour of every day. I just thought that you all needed to know that :-)Gots to go now I shall.


people are getting bad at updating. hopefully we can all get better. so sorry that i am leaving you all out of my life. school is coming to a close soon. must get better. bye.


i dont feel well. i want to cry. and i want to be held. but i cannot be held. no one to hold me. i wonder if i was simply a friend, would i be held then?