The Basics

I am living a wonderful life in my new house.  But who knew all of the things you don’t have when you move into a house.  Plus, it’s my own house, well it’s Justin and my house, but it’s not our parents’, or our siblings’ house, it’s ours!  So finding all of those things that will fit perfectly into my house is hard.  For example, you know those things you put in your drawer to hold your silverware?  I’m on my third one!

I have barely any food in my house but I have tons of condiments!  I barely have any good food to eat here, but everytime I think about going to the grocery store, I just have no idea what to get!  And it is only me eating in the house really, so who knows how much to get each time.  I have already wasted a whole thing of celery!  I haven’t even opened my turkey!

Besides the house, and being a cat-mom, wedding plans have been intense.  There is so much to do to plan a wedding, and I am so nervous!  I just keep saying, “I haven’t done this before” when people ask me questions about planning.  There is so much to do and I really have no idea if I am missing things.  I can only pray that everything is going right.

An update on my headaches:  they went away for a good month completely, but about a week or two ago they came back.  I think it is all of the stress with the wedding, but I have headaches almost every day again.  Hopefully once everything is figured out, booked, and finalized, I can go back to no headaches.