A New Start

JT told me I had to update my site and I thought, "What site?" I suppose if even I am forgetting that I have a site, then everyone probably is.

My mommy had surgery on Friday and is in the hospital now. She had her colon removed. She is doing okay but is in a lot of pain. It is very hard to see her there and I would really like her to come home now, but she needs to get better first.

School is not going as well as I would like it to. I am really excited about going to Concordia next year, but living at home again is going to be quite the challenge. I don’t like living there very much, and I have a hard time getting along with my family when I am living with them. Some days I am very excited to get to live at home again. I think we are going to rearrange the basement very nicely for me. I am also getting a bearded dragon soon which I have wanted for sooo long! But there are moments where my sister and I do not get along. She thinks that I am always telling on her. And in all honesty, there are times that I do. But most of the time I am just being a big sister and trying to keep her safe. I understand that she is getting older and can handle herself, but I believe that sometimes we all need guidance. I wish she would believe me when I tell her that I have her best interest at heart and I am not trying to get her in trouble or be mean to her.

I recently started working at TGIFridays with Ashley. I think it will be quite the challenge. They all think that I am the younger one. Usually, work is an escape from my family, but it will not be this time, so I am hoping it will go well. I really like Ashley, I just don’t get along with her all of the time.

I am very excited for this summer! I am going on three trips. In May, I am going on a study abroad course to Germany for three weeks. I am sooo excited! Then in June I am going on a mission trip to Mexico. This trip I am nervous for because it will stretch my faith and my spiritual abilities very much. Then in July I am going to Orlando. This is where the national youth gathering is being held, and I am working for the gathering. These should all be amazing trips.

Just to update you on Justin, we are great as always! In May, we will have been together for four years! This is exciting and one of the longest friendships I have ever had.

I am going to get to bed now. Tomorrow, since I am on spring break, I am spending the day at the hospital with my mommy. I really need my sleep too!