Polka Dots

I have never seen anybody who has the chixken pox. I have never had them. I think that I would laugh at someone if I saw them like that. All spotted and bumpy. My poor children.I am going to North Hudson Elementary’s Talent Show tonight. One of my trinity girls is in it, and I am going to support her. Yay for me.My birthday is on Sunday. Come to my party! It will be fun.Would you all like to know what I am doing this weekend? Okay, good. Friday is Halloween. I am going to go over to Justin’s aunt’s (?) house for dinner. At least I think that this is the plan, he has not formally invited me yet 😉 I would like to see Jack and Sierra all dressed up, but I do not think that it will work out that way. Saturday is my parties. Yes, plural. I am having my family come over, and then the rest of the world that I invited. Sunday is my actual birthday. I will go to church. After church I think we are going to play Monopoly at McDonalds, but they were out of Best Buy Bucks, so I do not know if we will do that anymore. At about 4ish, Justin, my dad, and I are going to go to the casino. I am really sick. I think you should all pray for me… please. I do not want to be sick at my party. Nikki, if you read this… call me about getting decorations or something. I have to go to class pretty soon here. SO BYEBYE


Sometimes I wish that I could change people so that they think like me. I wish I could make my sister not make my parents pay her back for her shoes. I wish I could make my boss give me a raise so that I can start supporting myself. I wish that I could get a new job that would fit my school schedule and pay me. I want to learn to be independent. I want to be able to make lots of money so that I can get through college and support myself. Maybe I should be a server. I would like that, but not in an incredibly smoky place. Hmm… where would that be. I am not very strong, I would drop the tray. And I am not supposed to lift anything over 20 pounds. I am aggravated. I wish that my family had money. I just want to be able to afford enough food and other necessities. I hope that I make a good amount of money off my birthday. That money is supposed to be for me though. Not for my family. Oh I just do not know. I do not want to sell the salon!I will be a better person from now on. I will not buy frivilous things. Maybe I will not go to my prom this year. Or anything else. I will not spend money. I will put an effort into getting a new job. I will save all the money I can. I will not make Justin pay for me anymore. I will not go out to eat anymore. I will convince my parents that I want something little for Christmas so that they will not spend a lot of money on me. I will do all of my work on time and well so that I will get good grades. Someday those good grades will get me a good job. But until then, I will just do my best at everything. I will not take things for granted. I will try to be happy. I will be happy.


I am having a surprisely good afternoon. I had an emotional breakdown earlier today. I skipped my last two classes. I think that I made Justin mad by calling him at Applebees. But that is okay. So I am going to go now and be happier.


I am sitting here in english class really wishing that I had one of those QuietKey keyboards. I like this computer, it is java enabled! WOOT. Today is Justin and I’s official 5 month. It seems like so long but so short compared to the amount of time that we will spend together. My birthday is in 12 days! That is exciting for me. I will be a whole 18 years old. I can finally sign for myself at doctors offices. I have this wonderful english assignment that I have to write. It is supposed to be on an argument or something. We have to argue a topic, but I can’t really think of anything. Any ideas? I am going to go do something else now. Wish me luck and pray for me to do well this year.

A Plan…

I have decided that I should make a five year plan. So here I go!
Within one year I want to graduate high school. I want to be accepted to a college that I am excited about. I want to have a better paying job that I enjoy. I would like to have a good amount of scholarships so that I can afford college and not need to make my family pay.

Within two years I want to be attending college and receiving decent grades. I would like to be engaged and thinking about marriage.

Within three years I would like to be married and have a house. I should be nearly finished with college. I want to be looking for a steady job that I will enjoy. I would like to finish my book.

Within four years I would like to have finished college with honors. I want to be in a job that I love. I would like to be thinking about getting pregnant and starting my family.

Within five years I want to have a stable income. I would like to have my first child. I would like to be happy.


Went shopping today 🙂 I got some cute clothes. It was fun. I also got a new bra. Woot. I like my new clothes. They are good clubbing clothes… I think… Justin! Take me clubbing! Speaking of Justin. I miss him for some strange reason. I don’t miss him that much, but I do. Maybe I can do something with him tomorrow. That would be nice.Sometimes people make me very very angry. I am having a very major dilemma. I think I will ask Nikki about it sometime. I wish she was online… I don’t want to call her long distance, so I am not going to. I will just have to call her soon.