So driving from Justin’s houe in Afton to a house in Lake Elmo, I developed a theory.

You know how when you go on long trips you get tons of bugs splatter across your window? It is pretty gross. This was happening during my drive.

Many people may think that this is because there are more bugs in country areas than in the cities. Now I do not believe this. My theory is that in the cities, bugs have more lights to go towards. But in the country, the only light that they see are your headlights. So they fly into the light, committing suicide.

And that is my theory.

A Rose by Any Other Name…

Today was excellent.

Justin and I attended two grad parties to start out our day. They were fun to go to. I thought that my outfit was nice but I felt fat. I guess that is due to the fact that I am. Justin makes me feel beautiful though, so I thank him for that.

We left the party to stop by Justin’s house. There he made a copy of the MSA play so that he could make multiple copies up at church for the actors. I sat with Justin’s mom and grandma while he did that.

We then departed. We stopped at his old house to look for his tux since he needs it dry cleaned before the Ball. From there we made it to church, where we broke through walls to get to some supplies.

We then attended the MSA play. It was an intellectual play, and it made me happy that I pretty much understood it. We grabbed some Taco Bell after that, and now here I lay.

I absolutely love to observe people. They are so interesting. I watch them as if they were monkeys in the zoo. At grad parties people sometimes seem uncomfortable since they often do not know most of the people present. At plays, they sit there and watch the play, but fidget a lot if it is long.

At MSA, the people are very unique. A school that is smack dab in the middle of Woodbury does not resemble the "typical Woodbury family" at all. But this school is amazing, and I love it, and I hope to teach there someday.

I enjoyed my day with Justin. I felt loved by him and welcomed everywhere I was.

Congratulations to the graduates of 2006!

Day 2 of my Quest

I want to be more frequent with my posts. Maybe if I do it every night before bed this summer, I will post more during the school year also.

I worked today. I was able to hold the ferrets, and pet dogs and talk to birds. I really enjoy working there. Sometimes people may be crabby, but the animals are always pleasant.

After work I went to Friday Night Frenzy at church. It is always good to be there. I miss WLC since I hadn’t gone much this past semester. I am going to try to teach again this fall, despite high gas prices. After a little while of me being there, we started watching Indiana Jones. I had never seen it before. What horrible acting and special effects! But it was quite entertaining anyways. It was a good movie to watch, minus the foul language.

Justin was extremely hyper. He gets that way sometimes. I think its cute. John was there, and seemed in good mood. Others were annoying… I wonder sometimes why people don’t try harder to be nice and fun to be around.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about love. I wish people were happier in their relationships if they aren’t. I also wish I could help, but I do not always know what is going on. By observing people such as friends, strangers, those walking around, I can sense how their relationship is going. Not very specifically, but I can tell if there are problems and sometimes what the problem is. I feel like I could give them good advice if they were interested. I just want them to be happier.

A big part of the reason that Justin and I are still together and overall pretty happy is because we each have a relationship with God and we include him in our relationship.

Did you know that the statistic that says 50% of marriages fail is deceiving? It is talking about ALL marriages, not just first marriages. A lot less than 50% (I can’t remember exact, but around 25% or less) of first marriages fail. That means that 75%ish of first marriages succeed. That 25% of failed couples may go onto marry again, and a lot of those marriages fail. I think that is good to know because then maybe people would be a little less scared of marriage.

Well, it is getting close to closing time. So I shall bid you adou.

It’s a Cruel, Cruel Summer

Yes, I am writing more about the summer.

Summer is bittersweet. I am always very relieved when finals are over. I start looking forward to next year’s classes, but I am glad for the break. I struggle to find a job and then once I do, I work my butt off to earn money. I love my family very much, but spending the summer with them causes me to go a bit crazy. Also, living in such a small house with no bedroom adds to the craziness.

So between money issues, family issues, and space, I am stressed. Summer should be a time for me to relax and have fun. But it really isn’t.

I calculated the amount of bills I will have over the summer, and it is ridiculous. Saving up is not going to turn out to be very successful. Plus I am taking time off of work to go to Nebraska for the 4th and to Sonshine. As much as I love Sonshine, I almost think I shouldn’t go. I don’t want to spend money on a ticket, nor do I want Justin to spend money on me. The money issue also makes me think that I should not go to Nebraska. I would be taking about 5 days off when I could be making money.

I just do not know what to do. I want to buy a futon for school. I realllllly want it. So how am I supposed to save for school, a futon, and pay my bills. I wonder if I should stop sponsoring a child, but I feel like it is very rewarding. It is serving God financially, like he calls us to.

You are probably getting sick of me worrying about money. I will talk Justin instead.

We recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary. I love him very much, and I tend to love him more and more each day. But he drives me crazy sometimes. Since he has moved into his new house, he can spend hours and hours on the internet right in his bedroom. So when I go over there, which by the way costs about 20 minutes of gas, we sit in his room and I get bored watching him work. I love him, and I want him to be successful and get his work done. I know that dating a computer guy means he will be on his computer a lot. During the school year, we were seeing each other on the weekends only. Now that we are both in town, I want to see him everyday. I may need to tone this down. I think we are both getting sick of each other, or we just don’t have anything to do. Seeing each other all of the time causes very short telephone calls at night. This also bugs me because I feel like he doesn’t want to talk to me. I know this is all ridiculous. He loves me and no conversation is just because we spend so much time together. I just miss him. I miss cuddling and talking and doing things other than sit at the computer. We have been playing cards with people which I LOVE doing. So I hope we can do this more. I just hope that we can still talk and that we get less sick of each other.

Some people blog every day. I am going to try and do that. You will all get sick of me talking animals, since I work at Petco now. And you may get sick of me complain about money or talk about Justin. But frankly, I do not care! I will ramble on about whatever the heck I want to.

On a last note, go watch this: