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My Perfect Date

Friday might be a date night.  I was thinking though, a date with someone that you have been with for awhile is not really a date.  So I was thinking about my perfect date. 

A "first date" attitude would be wonderful.  I would love if he was trying to impress me, or win me over.
He would show up at my door looking his best (i.e. no sweatshirt) with a single flower and give me a kiss on my cheek.  He would open the car door for me. 
We would arrive at the restaurant, a nice one.  When we were seated he would let me sit down first and push my chair in for me.  Through dinner we would have interesting conversation.
After dinner, we would go to the movie.  He would hold me hand on the way in and in line.  When we bought the tickets we would go into the theater.  When we sat down he would give me another little kiss.  It would be a wonderfully gentle, romantic kiss.
Throughout the movie, we would hold hands, and every once in awhile he would lean over and make a comment on the movie.
After the movie there are two options: 1) We would go to a park and walk around under the stars.  He would stop and bring me in close to him.  He would give me a passionate kiss and tell me that I was beautiful and everything that he ever wanted. Or 2) It is December, so if it was too cold he could bring me home.  He would walk me to my door, pull me in close to him.  Then the passionate kiss and statement as written in #1.  Now he would leave, and I would go in my house in love.Sounds nice doesn’t it?  Well here is to dreams! 

Oh Boy oh boy

I am bored.  No one is online to talk to.  My lecture got out 40 minutes early.  The nice thing for the professor to do would have been to go more into detail about the final.  But that is not what he did.  We received a quick 3 minute outline of it, and basic information was covered.  The review session for the final is Thursday at 6pm.  The problem with this is that I work until 8pm.  This brings me to a problem: should I ask to leave work early or should I stay and get paid those two extra hours?  I think the money factor wins out in this case, as it should!  Plus, I may already be late to work since my final finished half an hour before I have to be at work.  But my tests always last shorter than the time alotted.  We shall see! 

I do not have any idea how my finals are going to go.  I am actually kind of nervous.  That seems silly, I know.  But I am!  I really want to do well these last tests.  One of my classes I am completely done with.  That class is my world religious beliefs one.  Plus, I finished it with an A!  So one A down, four grades to go! 

On Sunday I spent time with Justin’s family.  They had their immediate family Christmas.  It was so much fun!  I received a couple of Amy’s senior pix, which are very cute, and an earring/necklace set which it beautiful.

I think the fact that I originally spelled which it the last sentence "witch" is a bad sign.

I have to work this Thursday and Friday.  Friday night I hope to spend on a wonderful date with Justin.  I want to see Spanglish.  I am so very excited!  Saturday my mom and I might go shopping.  I want a nice sweater for Christmas, and that may be my gift from my parents.  Saturday afternoon/evening is Justin’s mom’s family Christmas.  I went to that last year also.  I am excited, but kind of anxious.  Last year Amy, his sister, and his cousins, the girls, went into Amy’s room and all watched a movie together.  I was not invited into that, and I felt a little left out.  Justin didn’t want me to ‘shadow’ him either, so I did my best at mingling.  Hopefully this year will be better.

In Justin’s family, ‘outsiders’ are not usually present at family events.  I am very grateful that I am invited to so many.  It is very different from what I am used to though.  In my family get-to-gethers, there is a different crowd of people at every event.  This past Thanksgiving, my grandpa had an old friend join us who had no place to go.  My uncle and my aunt always have friends coming over.  The variety is mainly on my mom’s side.  On my dad’s side, it is a little more like Justin’s family, but my dad’s family is always open to new people.  I do not think that there is anything wrong with Justin’s family though, it is just different from what I am used to.

I have written a lot.  Yay! Hey guess what?! I made the MN Daily.  I wrote into Dr. Date, and signed "BananaMonkey.com."  I only did it because I wanted to see how my hits would go up.  But .com was cut off.  It sucked. 

I wonder if Justin could make his editor be like word so it automatically spell checks.  That would be nice since I mix letters up a lot.

I am going to go do something else now. 



In the MN Daily today, a person wrote into Net:

"Do you think God is the greatest Sims player of all time?"

The things we contemplate…