Off to Jamaica

I’m updating this for ya Jon! Finally. It really feels a lot later than it actually is. At 2:30, I will be leaving for church. Then we will head to the airport and leave for Jamaica! I am very excited. But really nervous. :-/ Well, I might as well back up and tell you about what has happened since my last entry. Friday night was FNF at Justin’s house. It was awesomely fun! We drew on his walls a lot, and they look really cool.Saturday was the wedding. It was beautiful! And the reception was awesome. Jon and I went around on a golf cart for a long time. We ran into a couple people, and I mean we actually just about ran into them. We also danced and learned the tango. He is a good dancer, and I really enjoyed it."Did you leave enough room for the Holy Spirit while dancing?" asked my mom. "Nope!" I said.Then on the way home he finally popped the question! No, we are not engaged. But we are officially a couple! I love saying that. And I am really happy. Then we sat in a parking lot for a couple hours and fogged up the windows. ;)Then Sunday, commissioning, Taco Bell, church for hours, Target, DQ twice, and sleep. And today, Monday, a lot of last minute running around. I finally got my ring back which I am thrilled about. But I shall go to bed now, well not really, I just need to go finish up whatever.Hasta la vista! Have fun missing me!


Justin, that sure is a cool word! Don’t you think? I love Justin. But anyways. I just got back from Target and church. I went there with Jon to get a present for the Foster wedding. It is a really nice picture frame. Then we went up to church. Do you like my new layout type thing? Nikki did it! Isn’t that majorly awesome of her? I think I want to take a computer programming class type thing, so that I can learn how to make websites and everything. I love writing in this thing.Celeste-E is going to come home soon. I am very glad. I miss her. And I really am not mad at her. Even though she is at me. But I think I will just let bygones be bygones. Because I love her, and I don’t want to lose touch, or become enemies. Look, I am a snake. ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.Tonight we are going to PAR-TAY! At Justin’s! You should all come! And tomorrow is the wedding! YAY!And on Tuesday we leave for Jamaica!Wow. I am so excited for everything!But I am really nervous for Jamaica. I have never been on a mission trip, and it will be so different… but it will be great. Disney shows are the best. And movies. They teach you such valuable lessons. I had a song of the day picked out but I seem to have lost it. But a new one. Advice of the day: Don’t hit beamers.Song of the day: "Get a clue" by Simon and Milo.


Do you know what I have realized? That every day’s word is awesome. I think I am addicted to the word. I went to the drive-in last night. It was majorly awesomely fun. Richard’s boob makes an excellent pillow. Did you know that the alt-tab trick is the coolest thing ever? Well it is, and now you know. Today I shall go shopping with Jon for a wedding present. If he ever wakes up to call me. And then we shall go to church and do Jon’s Jamaica stuff! WE ARE LEAVING ON TUESDAY!!! I am majorly excited.What am I doing up at this time you ask? Well I won’t tell you. Ha.I am super hungry. I need food this early in the morning. But do we have anything? Nope, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, I could keep going but I think you get the picture. Anywho. La la la la la la. That is what I think. I also think it is time to stop this now. Adios.

Early morningness

Woohoo. I can write more today. Methinks it is too early to have been up for hours. I had an ortho appointment this morning. Yuck. And tomorrow I have to get up early for a manicure! But that is good. So what else is new with me? Well, I have to go to the bathroom, so hold please………….Ok I have returned. Guess what?! Tonight I am going to the drive-in. I also have to bag groceries today, so come buy some at Rainbow!Celeste is at Nikki’s…. and I am wondering if it is too early to call them. I know how long Celeste can sleep in, but I don’t know about Nikki. I guess I will wait a little while longer. Jon comes home tonight! I’m glad. I wonder if he will call me… HINT HINT! Haha. If I am not here, ask for the cell phone number k Jon? OK! So anyways. I think I shall sing. Not to you, just out loud.I went to Pastor Todd’s house yesterday. It is so gorgeous. And Kelly was there! And the two littlest kids. They are adorable, expecially Nathan. Speaking of yesterday, it was our Jamaica team prep day. It was really fun! I was at church almost 12 hours! But I love it there. It is my favorite place to be! That is a good thing isn’t it?Well, anyway. I think I shall go now. I have a lot to do before Jamaica, and so little time! Today’s word: AWESOME!


OOH BABY! I just got a free drive in movie tomorrow night! I got Derek’s question right, so no $7.00 fee for me! WOOHOO. Now all my frustrations and worries were kicked right out! Oh yeah! You know what? I miss Jon. I miss him a lot. But I am glad that he is enjoying himself with his friends.And I would write a lot more, but my mom is making me go to bed! So adios! Today’s Phrase: OOH BABY!Today’s word: AWESOME!Today’s song: "Skaterboy"

No title today

Hola. I don’t think I have much to write. I should not say that at the beginning of every entry. How annoying for the reader. So anyways. Wanna hear about my day? Well, after I was at church, I went out to eat at Applebees. I went with Derek, Kristen, little John, Jon, Nikki, and Bryan. It was really fun! I am glad Kristen came because we don’t get to see her enough. I also talked to Justin for awhile. I really enjoy talking to him. I also wish I could solve all of his puzzles. (Thanks for the word!) He is my favorite person to talk to I think. No, I know. Hey! Don’t get your feelings hurt! I like talking to you too!You know what I realized? That most of my friends before this year, probably have no idea who these people are! I really don’t hang out with any of my "old crowd." But I am glad. I think that most of the friends I used to have, would just be a bad influence on me. I also think that I would feel very left out. I would not be going to parties and drinking or doing drugs, and no sex either! Woohoo. What a little Miss Pure I am. But that is really okay with me. I wonder how many of you that read this are surprised at what I just revealed… But I do think I will go now. I really have nothing else to say. Have an awesome day!