Trusting God and trusting myself

I have been having a lot of anxiety lately related to being Link’s mom.  I have been worried about tragedies.  Tragedies that could happen to us.  I have been drowning in tears and fears.  I have not been able to understand how I am supposed to trust God with Link – that He will protect him from tragedy.

This morning I woke up, worked out with my trainer, and walked to my office and decided that today I was going to start trusting God.  It was amazing the rush of excitement and relief that went through me at that moment.  Totally the Holy Spirit.

I know that this will be a continuous struggle for me – it always has.  God and I don’t always have the same idea of what is best for me.  He knows how things work themselves out, and how what happens can be used to glorify Him – I do not.  At least not right away.

So as we embark on the month of thanksgiving, and on this Halloween day, I am ending my month of fears.  I am choosing to trust God with my beautiful, wonderful little miracle that God trusted me with.