Bad Previous Title

I was getting really sick of looking at me Tiiiiiiiiiime title.  So that means it is time to post.  I am having a pretty good day.  It was my first day in math that I really had trouble.  It is going to start getting hard now, hopefully I can keep up.  We are working on algebra and geometry or something, but the problems are word problems.  I have a hard time figuring out what it is asking of me since they are so complex.  Maybe I can have Justin help me sometime, or maybe not too.  We shall see.

Tonight is youth group.  I am excited so so.  Not that excited but not not excited.  Hopefully my group will mix well together.  There are a couple people in it that I am hesitant about so I just need to pray.

We get carmel apples at dinner tonight.  I am so excited that I even dreamt about whether they would have nuts on them or not and if they did, if I would eat them with nuts.  That is ridiclous isn’t it?! 

I am still doing really well in school.  I have a midterm in 20 minutes.  It will be pretty simple though.  It is only on vocab and I made flashcards.  I studied them a lot, and there are a few that I just cannot get down.  So of course those will be the ones on the exam.  I think I am going to go study up on them a little more before class.  Plus I really have no more to write.  Adios!


You know, I think about my cousin Jack.  He is going to be 7 next month.  I still remember when he was born, and the first time I held him, and basically his whole life.  That has been seven years!  It has gone by so fast.  I think about how I want to grow up and have kids and be married.  I hate the waiting, but the fact that seven years have gone y so fast means that if I have to wait seven more, although I will not like it, I can do it. 

But anyways.  School has not been too bad.  I like it a little bit.  Although it is expensive, it is not a waste. Hopefully I will get a job soon.  I have one coming up in November.  I am going to be a Santa’s Helper at the Marshall Fields in Mpls.  I am going to see if I can get a job there otherwise, a regular job.  Who knows, we will see.  But I would prefer a job here on campus. 

I am going to get to studying now.  I have 2 hours until my next class and that should give me some study time.


At least I am updating more than Justin…

School is going pretty well.  I am doing a lot better than I did last year, yay me.

Church is good.  My small group will be a challenge, but a good one.

Time to go now.


I have my new laptop now!  It is very very cool.  Hopefully I will not spend too much time playing Zuma instead of my homework.  So far, I have written a lab report and a paper on it.  Good for me. 

Justin is really busy lately.  And very stressed.  I am trying to make sure that I know his anger and frustration are not my fault.  For some reason I always feel that way.  Not always maybe, but a lot.  A lot of times it does not bring me down with him, but sometimes it does.  I just need to remember that no matter what, he loves me.  I just do not mean to frustrate him.

I sure cannot wait until my new room.  If it ever comes of course.  I just have a hard time with such little room.

I am hungry, so I think I am going to go figure out something to eat.

Night all.


I hate homework.  I wish it would die….

Okay, so it is not that bad.  I do not really mind it, I am just very exhausted right now.  But it is only 8pm!  I am a college student, I should be livin’ it up.  Plus, I got 7 good hours of sleep last night, and I am still very tired.

It might not help that I had 4 straight classes today.

I cannot wait to move out.  I really wish I could just do my homework alone.  I really like my roommates, but I wish I could just lounge in my room alone.  Just me and my books, and occasionally my babe studying with me.

Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later.

But maybe I will go to bed now…

We shall see.

Week # 1

Well, I have survived my first week of college at the U.  I like it pretty much.  I already missed my first homework assignment, which sucked majorly.  But on the other hand, I also got 100% on an assignment and a quiz.  So it is pretty good. 

I went to my first drinking party at Rich’s.  Also went to a poker party.  Thankfully, the love of my life came with so I did not have to go alone, and he had fun also!  Oh yeah, and neither of us drank.  Good for us. 

I also ordered my almost very own laptop.  (Once it is paid off, it will be my absolute very own.)  I am so very excited.  Have I mentioned how wonderful Justin is?

I have 3 roommates.  Wow right?  Me, who requested a single room, has 3 roommates.  I like them– they are all very nice.  It is real hard to study though with three other people.  I will have to get used to it.  And hopefully I can relocate soon.  I have a real small space all to my self, so it is kind of frustrating.  Mariya, one of them, is really nice about sharing her space.  But it will be nice when I can move.

My birthday is in 2ish months.  November 2nd.  I just realized it today.  I have no idea what I want, or if I want anything.  Money would be nice, since I am a poor, unemployed college student now.  I need to pay off my laptop and tuition.

So as of late, I want to be a lawyer.  But of course I have to get degree in something else first.  I have always been interested in law.  I want to go into criminal law, I think.  I would like to prosecute. 

Anyways.  Back to my birthday.  I will be the big 1-9.  Yay for me.  That means soon Justin will be 20.  I will be dating a 20 year old!  Which is not that big of a deal when I am only a year younger.  My roommates and I all have birthdays within 2 months of each other… October- December birthdays I believe.

My little cousin, Sierra, turned 3 yesterday.  Today, our pastor was talking about the terrorist attacks 3 years ago, and how some asked, "Where is God?" at that moment.  And I thought, that day, I watched a new life come into the world.  That is where God is.  Maybe that did not quite make sense, but it did to me.

I will be going home on Wednesday nights and on Saturdays.  Both for church.  Justin and my parents are happy to transport me.  Justin got a parking spot (not for free) out of the deal.  It is nice because he does not have to pay out of his pocket every day then.  Or maybe it is worse to have to come out to the U an extra day of the week.  But we will see how it goes.

I do not worry about Justin and I anymore.  I used to, worry that I was not good enough for him, or we were not what each other wanted.  But I have realized that we are in love, and that is what matters.  Sorry, sappy.

I am going to go to bed here eventually, but I am just not tired.  So I think I will just sit and talk to people and figure out what I am going to major in 🙂

Night all.