Review of 27 Dresses

My mom and I went and saw 27 Dresses last week.  It was a really cute chick flick and definitely one that should be seen.  It is not a movie that you need to see in the theatre though.

I find Katherine Heigl to be a great actress, and even though her movies aren’t necessarily Oscar worthy, she does well in them.  Another actress that is in the movie is Judy Greer.  I find her to be very entertaining and she has been in many movies, but never the main actress.

My favorite part of the movie was at the end where she has a short inner monologue.  Definitely pay attention to that.

The real issue I had with the movie was the extras.  The people they casted as extras in the movie were HORRIBLE!  Watch them, especially if you are dragged along to the movie with your g/f.  They are so bad it is very entertaining.

The Universe

I am so glad that Nikki is back and even checking my site!

As for news on my head— none.  I am going to see the neurologist on Valentine’s Day.  I am not happy that I have to wait that long, but whatev.

Tonight I am spending some quality time with my lovely mommy.  We are going to go see 27 Dresses.  I am super excited, cause I have been wanting to see it.

Yes, this is a boring post.  Most exciting news is that I am still spending time with my sweet puppies!  I love them so much and they make me happy.  Bad news— I washed my bras last night and one is deformed… I must have hung it to dry poorly.

Traffic and Weather

I maybe should be posting wedding information on, but I seem to be lacking things to talk about on here, especially since it is almost 4am, so I will mention a few things.

I wrote that we got our DJ, which is very exciting.  We have also been working on flowers, guest list, honeymoon and other various things.  It is very exciting for me, and for Justin too if he was capable of excitement.

I have been having shooting pains in my head for awhile now, and I had a physical yesterday.  My doc referred me to go see a neurologist, so I will be doing that soon.  When I know if anything is wrong, I will be sure to write so.

I like the design my website has now, but it is just a template.  Hopefully Justin and I can work on a new personalized site.  Justin?

I really must go to bed now seeing as I have things to do tomorrow.

Last note: Nikki is back and I am so glad cause I miss her like crazy!

The Happiness of Puppies

I am staying at my grandparents’ house this week while they are in London and Ireland. I get to stay here and watch their animals! They have two little dogs, a parrotlet, and two incredibly huge goldfish. I love being here with them, and I am generally happier living with the two greatest dogs in the world. It is such a great thing to come home to two little lives running at me and jumping on me to greet me. (Note to Justin: when we get married, feel free to greet me by running at me and jumping on me 😉

Wedding plans are going well. Yesterday I called around to flower shops getting price quotes, which are very spendy. I don’t like flowers in the first place but it’s traditional! I booked our DJ, Instant Request. I have heard great things about them from and they seem pretty great so I am thrilled about that! The cake is picked out also and my dress should be coming soon. My bridesmaids need to get their measurements taken! Except Amy, who is on top of things.

By the way, vanilla bean cheesecake from TGIFridays is the best thing in the world.

The Life of Amber: Season 22

Justin introduced me to the new MacBookAir.  It is an amazing seeming computer and I would really like to have it.  The only bad thing about it is that there is no interchangeable battery or anything like that… meaning that if I run out of battery power without an outlet, I am screwed.  I do not need a new laptop, but mine is getting old, and it would be nice to have a new one soon.

I find it funny when actors change in a show.  For example, I am watching Grey’s Anatomy Season 3.  The episode is the one where Addison goes to Oceanside Wellness Center.  The actress that plays Naomi in this episode is one person but a new person plays Naomi now.  I like the new one better, it is just weird.

I started my classes on Monday.  I have six of them, the seventh starting in March.  They are going to be incredibly difficult and challenging.  Despite that, I hope to do well and learn very much about God, history, and education.

Challenges to eBay

Last night I was participating in an auction to buy something off of eBay. As with all auctions, one person wins and the rest lose. Having someone bid at the last moment is something that is always possible and chances that you will win the prize goes down the more people who are bidding.

I won the item I was bidding on, which made me very satisfied. Minutes later I receive this email from an eBay user:

I hope this item means a lot to you. This was a present for my 2 yr old to be’s birthday. She cried when she saw it because she wanted it so bad.”

I looked back at the bids placed for this item and compared them to the user that sent me this message. There were 21 bids on this item, and the user only bid twice. She was one of the first two to bid, and then the last one to bid seconds before I won. The rest of the bids were between me and another user.

This email made me quite perturbed. I felt that it was inappropriate use of the eBay tool where you can message other users. I wanted to email her back and tell her that yes, it was very important to me, and if it meant that much to her, there is another one on eBay for $90. (I paid less than $30.) Another reason it made me angry was because the item was a Princess Peach figure, and I doubt any two year old really knows who that is nor would it make her cry because she wanted it so bad. Also, the picture of the item was poor, and hardly one that would make it appeal that strongly to a two year old!

I thought about reporting this person, but Justin suggested that I simply complain about it here on BananaMonkey.

The end.