Life Goes On

Not much to say today. I woke up rather unwillingly to go to church. That is kind of unusual for me, I usually want to go. Went to church and came home. Parents had a lovely fight… Great way to start off my day. Later when Justin arrived we went to Rosedale Center. We walked around a lot. Ashley and my mom parted with us at some point, leaving Justin and I. I bought a new coat. I am very happy about that. I cannot find a picture of it online, otherwise I would show you all. Justin and I ate a wonderful dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, which must be my favorite restaurant. Then we went home. Tomorrow starts another wonderful week of school. I am not sure if it really is wonderful or not. Tomorrow is also Monday. There are a couple of places that I really want to go, but I will not. It is hard to go to a place that you are forbidden from. I shall depart now. Goodbye.


Tonight I am going out to eat and to a movie. That is what I will be doing.I hope that is okay with everyone.I hope I make it.I hope we make it.I hope…

Remodeling…. Life

I currently have a new layout. It is getting to what I want it to be, but it is not quite there. My darling Justin did it for me though, and I am eternally greatful… kinda. Maybe not eternally. I remember last time I was sitting at this computer updating… I like that the keyboard was in italics. Did you know that Richard Gere’s kitty in The Runaway Bride was named Italics. That is pretty cool. I am just rambling, am I not?I am going to receive all A’s next semester. I know that is nearly impossible, and I may not acheive it, but that is what I want to do. It is true that I want my parents and Justin to be proud of me, but I really want it. I would be so very proud of myself also. I am really excited for next semester. This is good, yet bad. It is bad because I just want to have this one be over, and I have no motivation to finish it off well. I am trying though. I have made myself a list of goals to do so that I receive fairly decent grades this semester. My lack of motivation is also causing me to skip my health class. I know that this is a bad thing to do, but it is a class that I do not learn anything in, and it is only a 50 minute one. My teacher does not take attendance. So I decided to take today off from it. I will go back next Tuesday, I promise. I read most of the chapter that I am missing, so it should be fine. I am going to be a journalist. I am sure that I have said this a million times. That is what I am going to be. I want to win a Pultizer Prize. I think that it would be so incredibly awesome to win one. So one day I will. I know that I need to work on my novel a lot more, and on random jounralistic stuff. If you ever read this and have absolutely no idea what is going on, it may be because I am going to try to start writing journalistically in here. I wonder if that is a word… Anyways.I should probably go study or something, but I thought that there was something I was going to do. Maybe not. But yes. I hate it when I make it a point to bring something in to school from my car and then I completely forget to do it. I really need to remember to work out more. I am supposed to be doing sit-ups every morning and night, but I am not. I will need to become more disciplined. I will pray about it.Thursday is Turkey Day! I am going over to my grandparent’s house like we do every year. I would like Justin to come, but I think our Thanksgivings will overlap. It would be nice if we could do both, or rather if he could do both. I do not think that I am invited to his… But I think that going to our own families’ celebrations will be just fine too. There will be many Turkey Days in our future. After Turkey Day, Christmas is just around the corner! I am somewhat sad that Justin will be out of town. I would really enjoy spending Christmas with him, but as I said before, many in our future. After Christmas, Justin’s birthday and New Years! Last year was spent at the Bensons for New Years. I wonder where and with whom it will be this year. Or next year, however you look at it. Hey! I may have written a fairly decent post. Justin has not even updated today! I think that we are going out to eat with Nikki tonight. Yay! That makes me happy. I wonder where I will be next year. College/living wise. I have only applied to the U of M and St. Thomas. I was accepted to St. Thomas, but have not yet heard from the U. I would like to go there and talk with a counselor, plus maybe a tour with my mom. She has not seen it yet. The U is so big, but I know that I could get the hang of it. When my mom and I went and visited St. Thomas, I felt absolutely nothing. I was not excited, nor was I… um… unexcited I guess. I felt no pull to go there. I felt excited and comfortable at the U, but that could have had something to do with being there with Justin. Who knows really. I think that I want to live in the dorms. As silly as this sounds, I want my own room. I really do not want to share a room with someone else. Hopefully I can work this out. Maybe I will have an apartment with someone, like Nikki. But she is living at home next year to save money. I could do that too I guess, it is just something that I really do not want to do. I really want to get out of my house. The past couple of days have been better, but I think that is because I have not been home. Who knows.I am going to go now. I best be getting some studying done. I need to learn discipline if I am going to be a straight-A student next sem. BTW, I could really use some prayers, for everything really. Thanks.

I Would Like to Thank All of the Little People…

I know that my title makes absolutely no sense… To you or to me. But it was the first thing that popped into my head when I needed to make a title! Maybe someday I will need to thank little people. I think that I have decided something. I want to be a nurse. I really do! But I have a major problem… I cannot handle needles. I am not sure what I am going to do. But I still want to be a journalist. I want to win the Pullitzer Prize someday. Why can’t I do both? I wonder if I could double major in journalism and nursing… That would be really weird. I need to go now. Do not tell my mom that I want to be a nurse, please. I need to do some research!