The Ever Present Stupid

When people are stupid, it makes them hard to love.  God calls us to love every person because He does.  Boy is that hard to do though!

One thing in my life that I would like to work on more is treating people with the respect that they deserve from me.  I believe that everyone deserves respect no matter who they are and what kind of lifestyle they lead.

There are so many things that I would like to say, but the internet reaches so many people that I might get fired 😉

Anyways, tonight I get to have some great fun with my bestest!

Life One Armed

Well I didn’t die.  Thank you Jesus!

I am amazed how much I took my arm for granted.  I will have full use of it soon, but it is so weird how great of a loss one surgery does to the muscles in your shoulder!  I just hope that after all of my therapy is done, the pain will all be gone too.

During my Vicodin filled days, I have been keeping my brain moving with Sudoku!  Unfortunately they are all difficult to read since I had to use my left hand.  I am practically ambidextrous now!

I have had so many people taking wonderful care of me!  I so greatly appreciate how much people helped me.

Also, many of you were worried about how well Justin would take care of me.  I was pleasantly surprised how amazing Justin was!  Despite teasing me about dying and having the abilities of a 5 year old, he has been so great.  I love him so much and am so blessed to have him.  I have had a great look towards our future during this time and have seen how great of a father he will be.