Today is kind of a sucky day.  Well, not so much, just kinda.  I think tonight will be fun.  It is just what week it is.  The week in the summer where Justin spends time at MSA getting the school ready.  That does not bother me too much, but still it does.  I know that this is what he has to do.  And that is okay.  But it makes me worry that this will be the rest of our lives together.  This semester he will be taking 18 credits, have 2 jobs, and his own company.  It seems like a lot to do and have a girlfriend.  It won’t be as bad as "I love you and I will see you in January!" But it will be hard.  Maybe it won’t though, if I am at the dorms having fun, working, and doing the school thing.  I just do not like this week of the summer. 

In some ways, it seems like he does not want to spend time with me.  Just me.  He will go over and play cards with my family, and hang out with friends.  Last night we were going to do dinner together, and I was hoping that we would be able to share dinner with each other, just us, but no.  He was not hungry, and he was busy.  So that was okay.  And tonight I brought him dinner, and he barely looked at me.  I am sure he does not mean it as anything, he is just busy.  But I kinda miss him. 

Now I am sitting at MSA, waiting for Nikki to call.  Tonight should be relatively fun.  They will be sending off the collegers– me, and a few others.  I really wish Justin would be there.  I was there for his and Nikki’s, so I am really glad that Nikki is coming. 

Anyways, time to post.  Adios.

Alright Already

Fine… I will update.  Today has sucked.  My father made it just peachy this morning when he yelled at me for last night’s problem.  Then off to work.

At work I got to see the schedule for next week.  They have me scheduled for 2 nights, when I am unavailable at nights.  They scheduled me Wednesday and Friday nights.  I have never been available Wed. nights because I have church those nights, and Fridays I did not want to work, but I guess I could.  They also scheduled me for Saturday night, which I really did not want to work because my sister wants me to take her shopping.  So I have to work Friday then Saturday night.  I might find people to work those nights, but it was just the whole fact about it.  I am unavailable which mean do not schedule me, but do they care?  Nope, of course not. 

To make matters worse, the majority of the people that I work with suck ass.  My boss boss, the highest one up, is stupid.  She seems to favor anyone that can go drinking with her.  She treats those that are younger than her with disrespect.  Like for example, she goes on break with 2 – 4 other adults at once, when we are supposed to have people on the floor.  Then if she is working with us teens, she says only one break at a time.  She also gets fed up with me paging her over and over, but I page her because customers need her.  And how dare she answer to customers.  She told me that I was a thorn in her side all day.  Oh cry about it. 

And then my dad called me on my way home and asked me to come pick him up and bring him to pick up his car at the garage.  My mother was home so I said no.  I just could not bring myself to do it.  I was in no shape to see him.

So I am sitting here at MSA with Justin and some other people who work here.  It really helped my day when he said that I could come hang out here cause I was not about to go home.  And in about an hour we will see Nikki also. 

So time to stop updating. 

Oh yeah, TEC was fun.