Celebrating Lent in the offseason

I started reading my February 2010 posts on this blog, actually completely by accident.  I wanted to read the 2011 ones, but I clicked the wrong button.  It brought me to the last time that I celebrated Lent with all of my heart.  I had given up some food vices and had taken up talking with God.  This was a beautiful time and I enjoyed reading it.  It was exactly what I needed to hear today.

Even though I have upped my exercising and my attitude is toward getting healthy, I haven’t been living it.  I have been eating for comfort way too often.  In my dark moments, I should be looking to God for help and comfort instead of Cheetohs.

It was just a simple, good reminder to look to God instead of idols.

the music is in me

The Christmas music season has begun for me.  And thank goodness!  It was about time.  Christmas music makes me happy and this time of year I need all of the happy I can get.

This time of the year every year, I get sad.  Maybe I get SAD?  Either way, I find it hard to stay happy.  This year though, I have a bouncy, smiley, silly little 16 month old who brings me such joy that it balances out the harder moments.  For this, I am so thankful.  Besides it being this time of year, I also have a lot on my plate.  Work is busy, which is good.  School is busy, which is mostly good.  I have a great workout schedule, but it makes my Tuesdays and Wednesday last from 5am-10pm.  6am-9:30pm of that is away from my house.

I am trying to schedule into my crazy schedule more “loved on” time.  This includes family time and friend time.  I am grateful to have friends who don’t mind meeting me after 8pm, when Link is asleep.  I don’t want to take away any more time than I already do from him.

Justin and I out at a wedding sans Link.

The new photos on our living room wall. They bring me great joy!

A sleepy boy after many Thanksgiving activities.

Video of our little drummer boy. He loves to play the drums!

I am getting more and more excited for Christmastime though.  I have purchased most of our gifts online (thank you Amazon!)  I am excited to head to Nebraska and spend more time with that family.

And so… the countdown continues!

19 days until Christmas 2012.1: Justin’s mom’s side
20 days until Christmas 2012.2: Justin’s immediate family – Pat, Ron, Justin, Link, Amy, Collin, me (this date?)
24 days until I graduate!
25 days until Christmas 2012.3: My immediate family – Mom, Dad, Justin, Link, Ashley, Peter, me
26 days until Christmas 2012.4: My mom’s side
27 days until we head to Nebraska to begin Christmas 2012.5: Justin’s dad’s side

Eesh.  🙂

15 months and Halloween!

Link turned 15 months old October 20, which means we are almost to the next month marker! We had his 15 month checkup, which went fairly well.

At Link’s 12 month checkup they had to draw blood, and they did not do that well, so it was very traumatic (for mommy too!).  Our smart little boy remembers that too well, and has a hard time at the doctor now.  He cried the minute he saw the room, then when the nurses came in, then when they measured his head, then when the doctor came in, and so on.  He was just so scared that he was going to be in so much pain again.  Oh just thinking about it makes me sad and angry!

Link likes our doctor though, so he did pretty well showing off for him.  Link told Dr. Khoury that he is one (you ask how old are you, and he holds up 1 finger).  Then he gave Dr. Khoury “five”.  Then the Dr. asked if he played peek-a-boo and Link immediately put his hands over his eyes.  “That answers that” the Dr. said.

Link’s stats: 23 pounds 3 ounces, 30.25 inches tall, and head size was 18.75 inches.

The doctor was very pleased with Link’s vocab (20-25 consistent words and 5-10 sign language words) and everything else!  We talked a little about discipline, and the Dr. said that we might be able to try techniques that are usually for older kids since Link “is smarter than most kids his age”.  That was totally a proud mommy moment!

Two shots, and then the appointment was over.  Even though it was pretty terrifying for the poor boy, he was strong and brave, and recovered quick after the shots.

Then last week was Halloween!  Link is still too little to go out trick-or-treating, but we got him dressed up in his costume and spent the evening at my parent’s house with Justin’s parents also.  Link went as ‘Link’ from Zelda, the video game.

I made the costume, and had a lot of fun doing it!  What a great ‘mommy’ project!  You can see more pictures from Halloween here, including some of Link’s best friend Liam, who was a lion!  The cutest little lion I have ever seen with an adorable mommy lion.

We are now truly in November, and I am just itching to start the Christmas music.  It’s strange because I really have been a Scrooge about buying gifts this year. I don’t want to do it, I just want it to be over with, but yet, I am in the mood for Christmas.  Scrooge is a classic after all, so it isn’t the worst thing to start out the season as.  I will come around, and be the end-of-the-story-Scrooge.

And so the countdowns begin…

1 week until Cities Sampler
2 weeks until Thanksgiving (and I get to see Amy and Collin!!!!!!)
6 weeks until Graduation
7 weeks until Christmas