On the first weekend of Christmas…

Weekends in December have always been crazy, but now with a little one they are even more exciting!  This was our first fun filled weekend to start off the holidays.

Friday was normal. Grandma Pat watched Lincoln during the day while mommy and daddy worked.  Then we had dinner with Pat and Ron and spent some quality family time afterwards (which consisted of me doing laundry!)

Saturday Justin went and got the oil changed for me, which was wonderful so I could spend some time with Lincoln.  Then I went to my last class of the semester.  We then had game night with my parents!

Sunday was the packed day.  We started off the day praising the Lord – which is how we should start every day!  We went from church to downtown Macy’s to sit on Santa’s lap.  Lincoln had just woken up, but we managed to get a wonderful smiling photo:

I was a proud mama!

After Santa, we headed over to the Benson’s home for Game Day.  Justin played games with Richard and friends while Link and I spent time with Elizabeth and Liam.  It was a wonderful time!  My favorite part of this was when Lincoln would do his very high-pitched squeal (he apparently gets that from his Aunty Amy) and Liam would get scared and cry.  It was very cute.

We finished our outings for the day with dinner at Applebee’s with Pat and Ron.

Link, Justin and I then spent some time at home playing.  I figured Lincoln would be a bit cranky since he had such a busy weekend, and he started off that way.  It was time to put his pajamas on, but we had Naked Time first 🙂  This is where Link plays in just a diaper, which he loves.  I put him on his tummy and he was playing with some toys, and then all of a sudden HE ROLLED OVER!!  I stood up and cheered for him while both Justin and I teared up a bit (sorry honey, but you did!) Lincoln was so proud of himself and smiled and giggled!  We had been waiting for him to do this for so long, but since he had tummy problems for awhile, he just wasn’t in the mindset to do that.

This was a wonderful weekend to start off our season.  I am looking forward to many more days of wonderful family, friends, and God’s blessings.

One thought on “On the first weekend of Christmas…

  1. He sure does like to perform for his Mommy and Daddy! He is a very blessed boy to have such fantastic parents!!! You will hear me say this often!
    Grandma Jill

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