Messaging Change

There are so very many times that things change unexpectedly and are often unwelcome.  Last Tuesday I walked into work very happy and ready for another day at the job.  Very quickly bad news came that two of our managers were being sent to different stores, and by the next day we had two new managers.  I understand the changes and the reasons for them, but I am not very happy about it.  I miss them.

I recently received health insurance which is great, and it also means that I get half off of my gym membership.  I have to go to the gym twelve times a month to get the discount.  It seems like a lot of times, but I know that I can do it!  Sometimes though, I feel like the more I work out, the less fit I feel.  I must be building huge muscles!

Still applying for lots of jobs!  There seems to be a good number of positions open, but so many people applying for them.  I just have to keep praying and hope that the right job happens to me!

Church Council starts on Monday.  Since I do not really need to keep track of the dates anymore, I am terrified of missing the first one!  I am sure I won’t miss it, but there is still that worry.

I got a new Bible today that I am excited about.  It is a TNIV/Message Bible.  It has the TNIV translation right next to the Message translation so that I can compare the versions.  It sure would be neat if I could read Hebrew or Arabic so that I could read the original writings.

Deep Impact is tonight.  It is time for me to read the lesson so that I am prepared!

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