Pictures and Deadlines

The end of the semester is approaching fast… way too fast!  It is amazing how close I am to graduating.  I am having many freaking out moments where I think that I will not be able to finish everything.  I have never failed a class before though, so I know that I will be able to do it, I just have to put my foot down and make myself do everything and finish strong.

I really need to finish all of my cover letters.  I cannot even apply for jobs until I do so, and a job I need to find.

All of our wedding photos are online now.  There are many albums to look at.  Our professional photographers started with over 4000 photos.  There are now 1500+ color corrected and edited photos in an album to look at a bit easier, and I printed and put in albums just under 400 of them.  I will post the link here, but please feel free to let me know you want to look at my photos and we can meet for coffee or something.  I am so excited to show everyone!

Here is the link for the edited photos

Make sure to continue to check OurVows for updates on our life together.

On a sidenote, I joined Gold’s Gym in Woodbury.  My friend Lindsey called me last night and invited me to go.  I am so glad I went because she was able to show me how to use a lot of the weight machines, and if she hadn’t shown me, I don’t think I ever would have used them.  So thanks Lindsey!  Hopefully I can continue to go often and make a difference on my body.

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