Wonderful Now

Today was my first day off after four days of working. It was wonderful! I started off my day too tired to get out of bed, but I did anyways. After that, it was off to the Roseville Petco.

At this location there was an adoption fair occurring where we brought our 6 kittens to hopefully be adopted. No such luck today, but we did only go home with 3 of them, since six in one room was driving them crazy. (Another foster took them home with her.)

While I was there, I decided that I want to start a saltwater aquarium. Not too long ago, I fell in love with a beautiful fish, who looks like Dori (sp?) from Finding Nemo. That type of fish is so gorgeous. I am just waiting to hear back from my uncle to see if he has any supplies and/or an aquarium that he is not using. If any of you have tips or comments about saltwater aquariums, let me know!

After we dropped our kittens off at home, mom and I went to WalMart. She bought a porch swing, which she is thrilled about. We had to go today because there were only 5 left and my mom would have been crushed.

Then we came home and Justin was there. Today was our date night. We started it off by picking up KFC. Then we took it to the drive in. There we enjoyed War of the Worlds and Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I fell asleep during Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and Justin will not tell me how it ended, so if anyone knows, please tell me!

BTW, I am sorry if I offended anyone with my comments.

I should get in bed now because church is in the morning. Very early. We leave for Sonshine on Wednesday! YAY!!!!!! John, tell me the plan!

Goodnight moon.