Oh Bother

Eh… I just typed some stuff, and then pressed back.  Good for me.  I do not really care though cause it was a bunch of blabber.  Which, by the way, is not an academic word.  Okay, so besides me and the guy at the writing center, none of you know that inside joke.  So here I will outline what I wrote.

Church was good.
Homework done.
I love Justin.
Shamineau this weekend.
Big gap between today’s classes.
Starbucks possible.
Reading chapter for law possible.
Math test today.
Won’t remember math material.Yeah, that was basically it.  I did not have my 8am class this morning.  It is kinda nice.  I am just sitting in my room.  Which, by the way, has been taken over by my neighbor’s stuff and is blocking all of my stuff like my closet, drawers, and food.  But that is a completely seperate story that is not my place to discuss.

I really hope I do well on my math test today.  I have to write equations for lines, and I am having trouble remembering all of the different forms for doing that.  Point-slope, slope-intercept, and standard are the ones that I remember.  I mean I need to remember.  I do not remember them, which is the problem.  Plus I have to remember the distance formula.  I should probably go now and go over my notes.