These Days…

Somedays I just want to run.  But I do not know where to.  I want to run to my happy place.  But what do you do when that happy place scares you?  I can be scared, or I can find a new happy place.  But when your happy place has been your happy place for so long, leaving it is even scarier than staying.

Good for Me!

I really hate when I spend time on a post, get sidetracked, and click on a link.  I really should start writing my posts in Notepad and then transferring them onto here. 

But as I was saying, which you do not know… I am getting really good grades.  It feels really good.  These are better grades than I have gotten in a long time.  I am pretty sure that in three of my classes I have A’s (Biology I am not so sure what grade I have lecture-wise, but I have an A in the lab).  In my other two classes I have A’s or B’s.  B’s would not be that horrible, but I am really going for A’s.  The work is not that difficult either.  I am actually kind of enjoying my work.  Which is very unusual. 

My first biology test was today.  It went alright.  He said that students usually do fairly bad on this test and still pull off A’s.  So who knows, we shall see.  If this is the case… I do not really know where I was going.  I just know that I am doing my almost best.  I know that I could do my best, but then I would have no life, and although school work is very imporant, so is me. 

What is today, Thursday?  Yes it is.  I have two more classes today, one is at 10:10 and then the next one is at 1:25.  I think I will go back to my dorm for lunch.  I have to finish an assignment for law, but I just cannot figure out the answers.  So we shall see.  Hopefully we do not have a quiz in law, but we probably will. 

Tonight I may go out to dinner with Justin and his friends.  Tomorrow is Friday, and I have two classes, one of which I have to finish a paper for and the other I have an exam in.  Then at 2pm I have a meeting with an advisor who is going to go over my skills inventory test results that I took.  I really have nothing planned for Friday night, which is sad, but we will see.  It will only be my second Friday on campus.  That too is sad.  I would have stayed last weekend except I got so sick.  I usually look forward to watching movies at Coffman for free, but this weekend they are playing Harry Potter 3 or whatever number it is.  I have not seen any of the Harry Potters, nor have I read the books.  I have no interest in seeing them so I do not think I will.  We shall see what my roommates are doing.  Jess will be gone; she is visiting friends at home.  Maybe Mariya or Kari have something exciting planned.  It will probably be maybe Mariya and not Kari.  I wonder if there is a home game this weekend.  Probably not, but really I have no idea.  So a potentially boring Friday night… I could get homework done, which does not sound fun, but it would be a good use of my time.  Eventually I will go to sleep, and that will bring me to Saturday.  Hopefully I will sleep in later than I did last Saturday (8am) and then somewhere that afternoon Justin will come pick me up.  Ooh… maybe I can have a good brunch Saturday!  Anyways… I hope Justin and I will be spending some time just the two of us Saturday, and if not, that is okay too.  Sunday is sunday school, church, and family maybe?

Well I really should go figure out the answer to the questions I am missing.  This was a good long boring post.  I hope none of you fell asleep!  Adios.