You Like?

This is my new diary. I love it. My boy is wonderful to me.

My little kitten Samson is really sick. We think he swallowed something that is blocking something inside. He keeps getting sick green. It is gross. But we cannot afford to pay a vet to fix him. Poor baby.

I am going to go start cleaning for my grad party on Saturday.

Justins First Banana Post

Well it would look like my sweety should love me… Or really really hate me. I made this site public without her consent, and basically changed the entire interface. Sorry dear :-).

Hopefully she loves it though. So everyone, welcome, to the new banana monkey!


i have no idea what i am typing. it is 547 am and i am awake. i have not slept. i went to all nite party. i won nuthin. i dont know how to spell that. i got triple holes in my ears. i encountered tattoo designer and gave her my address. we can make beautiful tattoos together. i am gradated. i am trierd. sleepy now. i want justin. he should call me and tell me he loves me cause i miss him. that is sad. i just saw him hours go. ill see him hours fro. bye. p.s. justin is going to be mad at me. i lost something of his that he borrowd me. not the big something… the little one. im sorry huny, still luv me. 😀 bye


I am going out to breakfast with my mom here soon. I am not really in a good mood, so I hope this goes well. I hope I be nice to her. I had grad practice this morning. I think that contributed to my bitter mood. I was up until 2. Must go now. Bye.

Big Loser

That title, up ^ there? That is me! I just do not update. You see, the amount of time I spend online lately is miniscule…. Is that how you spell it? Oh well. I just do not take the time to update. I will try harder! Just Show Up is going on at church tonight. 7-9pm. We are gonna play games and such. Woot. It will be a blast! Life is going pretty well. I got all of my grades in, and they suck. But I passed. I am graduating on Sunday! Yay! 13 years of school… and who knows how many to go. You know, I bet it is pretty easy to teach kindergarten…I realized that I like to eat. I like food. I do not particularly like fruits and vegetables. I have to be in the mood to eat them, otherwise they just are not as good. Therefore, I will never be real skinny. But you know what? That is pretty okay. I just need to learn to be happy with myself as I am. Justin loves me and he thinks that I am beautiful too, as do my family. So who cares if I weigh more than I would like. I am going to head out now. I should go clean my room…