Today has been pretty good.  Aside, of course, from the fact that it was spent cleaning and taking care of sick kitty. 

My boy came over tonight also and we played some 500.  This afternoon we (Justin and I) went to Chipotle for lunch.  It is really nice to get to spend some time together. 

Tomorrow I work.  That should be pretty fun.  Tomorrow evening Justin and I are going out on a date.  We are going to go out to dinner at the Olive Garden.  Then afterwards, since it is FNF, we will be heading to the drive in.  I am sure church will only stay for the first 2 movies, but we, Justin, me, Nikki, whoever else, will stay for the 3rd.  I am looking forward to it.  It should be fun!

Saturday is my grad party!  Yay for me.  I am really excited.  Not just for whatever gifts I will get.. hehe… But also just to see people.  It is nice to see who loves you. 

I will be going to sleepy now.  Maybe… at least no more updating.  Byebye.

You Like?

This is my new diary. I love it. My boy is wonderful to me.

My little kitten Samson is really sick. We think he swallowed something that is blocking something inside. He keeps getting sick green. It is gross. But we cannot afford to pay a vet to fix him. Poor baby.

I am going to go start cleaning for my grad party on Saturday.