Happy Day!

I am sitting here in the high school library. Today there is a pepfest. I am not sure why exactly I am going to attend this thing. I suppose I do not want to miss out on everything my senior year. The funny thing is, most seniors are not even staying. But I like pepfests for some reason. They are enjoyable to me. Now the trick will be finding someone to sit with… I think I will go find Sara and sit with her. Hopefully I can find her. I know one of the reasons I like going to these: I am a senior! And seniors are by far the best people in this school!Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It is Justin and I’s first V-Day together, but it will not be our last. We are going to go out to eat. Probably at Red Lobster. I am not eating today, so I will have a good appetite. I just hope that I am not so hungry that I pig out on the bread! I should not tell Justin that I want a present. But he is so confusing! I told him not to get me anything for my birthday, and he didn’t. So I just told him the truth this time. Next time there is an occasion that calls for a present, I am going to tell him to surprise me. I thought I would take a moment to send a message to Rob: I hope you are having fun in sunny Florida. I also wanted to tell you that I enjoyed talking to you on Wednesday!I hate spending the night coughing. Even though I probably only coughed for ten minutes straight, it felt like it was all night. I did not go to school for Tuesday-Friday. I will start going again next week. But I was sick. I also should start studying more. I would like to clean my room in order to have a nice clean place to study, but who knows if that will happen. Justin: Can I have an online calendar attached to my website?I really never have anything to do on the internet. I suppose I shall go play games. Adios!