Body Rhythms

Today I went to Body Rhythms in Oakdale to receive a full-body, one-hour massage. Originally, Body Rhythms was exclusively a spa, but they have since added a full salon. My massage was the best one that I have ever had. The ladies that work there are very friendly. The salon and spa has a wonderful atmosphere that is welcoming to every personality. Their massage treatments can include hot stones and Raindrop therapy which is a variety of oils dropped along your spine that stay in your system for up to a month. The salon is full service, and includes eye lash/brow tinting, eye lash perm, a variety of waxing, pedicures, manicures, and a sauna. They have wonderful packages for bridal parties, couples, and individuals. This is a spalon that I will definitely return to and recommend to others!


v. tried, (trd) try·ing, tries (trz)
v. tr.
1. To make an effort to do or accomplish (something); attempt
2. To taste, sample, or otherwise test in order to determine strength, effect, worth, or desirability
3. Law.

a.To examine or hear (evidence or a case) by judicial process.
b.To put (an accused person) on trial.
v. intr.
To make an effort; strive.
You know… I was going places with that. But I cannot figure out where anymore. I hate how my everything between the header and the footer on my layout looks. I hate the font and the size. I just needed to say that since it makes me mad everytime I look at it. But I still am very grateful that Justin changed it.I really do not feel like typing everything that I am thinking. I think that is what I do every post. But is that not what I am supposed to be writing? What am I supposed to be writing in here, and who I am writing it for. I thought that I was writing it not only for myself, but for my boyfriend and my best friends. Nikki reads it and replies to me about it. I like that. Justin told me that he does not really read it and that he never did. That hurt. I was writing to keep them informed about the things that I am thinking and feeling while they are not there and what I do not tell them. But I guess that is worthless. Except for Nikki. I like it when she replies. Reading hers is a good way to keep tabs on her while she is up at St. Cloud… or down, whatever it is. So I suppose that I will start by writing about my day. I woke up and I went to school. I enjoyed my English class. We talked about stuff. We also watched part of the movie Tuesdays With Morrie. I have never seen that and since we did not get to finish, I wish to see it soon. Following my class I went and spoke with my professor. My C was raised to a C+ and he told me that I am doing better in his class than most people do. I was happy to hear that I am not as horrible of a student that I thought I was. I then headed to my grandparent’s house only to find my Grandpa home. I did not feel like going where people were, so I headed home. I also wanted to take a shower and work out, and I prefer that in the company of myself. Luckily my mom was not home when I got there so I was able to be alone. You know what… I have to go now.


I have nothing much to say, but I like the way Justin and I’s graphs look when we update regularly.I do not like the font on my site.I bought stuff at the Mall of America today. It was fun.Have a good day 🙂

Learning to Learn

I received a C on an essay that I tried really hard on. I do not know how I did that. I think that I do not understand the directions well enough to follow them. I often think that I am stupid. Also that no matter how hard I try, I will fail. This is a very bad attitude to have. Therefore, I shall change.I am finding that learning to learn is one of the most difficult pieces of knowledge that I have ever tried to grasp. But it is definitely one that I need. I need to learn how to learn, how to understand, how to succeed. I will learn these things, even if it takes me the rest of my life.I want more than anything right now to get all A’s next semester. I think that B’s will be okay also, but I want more A’s than B’s. I want to learn how to write, and write well. I am going to talk to my English teacher in hope of help. I have been studying. That is something so incredibly new to me, it is scary. I have been studying and outlining the information as I go. I talked to a teacher today that is crazy. Two actually… But I got help in one. I got a lucky break in one of my classes that will give me a chance to improve on something. I learned some things today. Nothing from any book… Well I learned book stuff too. But I learned more about myself. I think that I learn more about myself everyday. That is kinda exciting. I do not think that I will be able to learn everything about myself ever, but we shall see.I worked out today and yesterday. I even tried to eat healthy. It seems the more I work out and try to eat healthy, the more hungry I get for bad foods. But I will keep trying. I feel so good when I work out and so guilty when I eat something unhealthy. But that is okay, I will get better at not eating those things. I would love to lose 20 pounds by prom. I know that it will be one of the harder things that I have to do in my life, but I am going to try. I am really very determined. I have been before, but for some reason I think that this time is different. I push myself harder and it feels very good. I have always hated it before. This time will be different.My life is going to be different now. I am going to learn a lot of things. I will be a more independent person. I will earn money for myself to move out somewhere next year. I will be more reliable and trustworthy. I will be Amber. I am not going to change overnight, which is tough. It will take time. I will pray very much and often. I think that I will need help, for I cannot do this on my own. I am hoping that people are willing to help me. One more thing: I am in love!

Not Much

I have had a marvelous day. Probably the best day that I have had in a really long time. I do believe that the rest of my day will also be good, but I do not want to jinx it. I have to go to work in about an hour. That makes me bored. Okay. I shall go.