Life Goes On

Not much to say today. I woke up rather unwillingly to go to church. That is kind of unusual for me, I usually want to go. Went to church and came home. Parents had a lovely fight… Great way to start off my day. Later when Justin arrived we went to Rosedale Center. We walked around a lot. Ashley and my mom parted with us at some point, leaving Justin and I. I bought a new coat. I am very happy about that. I cannot find a picture of it online, otherwise I would show you all. Justin and I ate a wonderful dinner at Ruby Tuesdays, which must be my favorite restaurant. Then we went home. Tomorrow starts another wonderful week of school. I am not sure if it really is wonderful or not. Tomorrow is also Monday. There are a couple of places that I really want to go, but I will not. It is hard to go to a place that you are forbidden from. I shall depart now. Goodbye.