Okay, so I may be a tad bit conceited right now, but poo on you! I am so happy. To be honest, I didn’t know I could be this way. I am dating my best friend. Nikki is a girl, and they might ask questions if we started dating. Well face it, they already ask questions! Justin, I need to tell you something, so remind me to if you read this before we talk. Just say the word "use" so I remember. I really have nothing more to say. Oh, I guess I could talk about last night’s prom. And this weekend in general! Friday was nothing. I was somewhat grounded. Oops, gotta go. Smash needs comp. Prom was tense. Anna’s was fun. Dancing was fun. Especially at the end. Today was church for hours. Talked to Derek. Went over to Justin’s. Watched Notting Hill. Came home. Gonna read the Bible tonight. I am happy.