I am updating! Woohoo! So today is going pretty well. Even though I bombed two tests, I am in a good mood. This is probably due to a few things. One of course being figuring things out with Jon. Another is being able to breathe well. I cannot think of any others. There are only 29 days til the last day of school! I can’t wait. I am so ready for it to be over. I really wish AT&T would get their act together and get me my new phone. BUt at least I have a free phone for now. Okay, so I just called them, and they apparently won’t be getting any in. ARGH! This makes me so incredibly mad. And they don’t have any other phones. My phone doesn’t even frickin vibrate. It is a crappy one. Man oh man. I really don’t like when people call me ma’am. What am I 50? No, I am 17. I am a miss, not a ma’am. Okay so back to being happy. I am going to go out to eat with Justin now, and then to church. Note to self: Give Justin form. Note to Justin: Get form from Amber and give back. I am sure I will give to soon. Okay you are here now. Bye