Update Amber! Update! I have not been updating lately. I am a bad person. But I will try! Tonight I am going to the high school hockey game! I am super excited. Nikki, Jon, and Smash are coming. It was just going to be us girls, but Jon wanted to come. Which I am really happy about. I was surprised because he told me that he doesn’t like hockey. I guess he wanted to be with me. So I am pretty happy.What else is new? I don’t think anything really. Actually, I am kind of hungry. I could probably help that by getting something to eat! But what? I don’t think we have too much around here.I am really sick of having 3 email accounts. I should shut the other 2 down. I get so much junk mail. FREE SEX! Like I couldn’t get free sex anyways.But I think I am going to go read and eat now. Have a nice day!