Dreams are sure weird. Last night I had a crazy dream. I was pregnant and I gave birth to a baby girl. She was retarded. Before I gave birth to her, I fell asleep somehow. So I woke up and asked my mom if she had a name. My mom had named her Bria. There is nothing wrong with that name, but I would never name my baby it. I was so shocked that my mom would actually name my baby. So then this baby turned into two babies. The babies were both girls but they were teeny tiny, like the size of a barbie doll’s baby. I called Jon to come over. The babies were not his but I needed comfort. I felt so alone. So he came over. Then it turned into some sort of nightmarish place. There was a lot of fire. This girl that I guess was my close friend was shooting out fire from her limbs or something, and she was trying to bring us to safety. Suddenly my girls turned evil, but evil like my friend who was trying to help. The girls’ eyes were bright red and they were spouting out fire from their heads and feet. It was very weird.I understand why I was pregnant- because I want to be! I would love to have a baby now, and if money wasn’t the issue, I think I could handle it very well. But I understand nothing else about the dream. It was so strange.