No title today.

Justin, I totally agree with you on the fact that there are numerous amounts of word combinations. But I ask you, why can I never come up with a good one?I sure haven’t been having the greatest time lately. Last night, emotional breakdown. At least Jon was there for me. I finally cried while I was talking to him. After holding my tears in for quite awhile. He helped me through some problems I am having. One of them being PT. I don’t understand how they can leave us. I know that it is part of the church family, but it sucks. I’m not mad at him, but I want to be mad at someone. So I have decided to be mad at Arizona. Then I am not really offending someone.Another major problem is school. I absolutely hate it. I am very surprised I made it through today. But for some strange reason, I made it through because I was going to see Jon after school. The strange part is, I’m not. I just had this strange feeling that he would come over. I am sure he won’t, and that is okay. I didn’t ask him to, I was just hoping he would surprise me I guess. But even though he probably won’t, it just helped me get through the day.That paragraph was kind of confusing wasn’t it? I really would like to be Homecoming Queen next year. Why? I am not sure. I would just love to. I don’t really care about prom queen or anything, just homecoming. So, I am starting ahead. Vote for me! :)Well, I think I shall go now and brainstorm for future entry titles. Have a nice day!Song: One Last Breath