Off to Jamaica

I’m updating this for ya Jon! Finally. It really feels a lot later than it actually is. At 2:30, I will be leaving for church. Then we will head to the airport and leave for Jamaica! I am very excited. But really nervous. :-/ Well, I might as well back up and tell you about what has happened since my last entry. Friday night was FNF at Justin’s house. It was awesomely fun! We drew on his walls a lot, and they look really cool.Saturday was the wedding. It was beautiful! And the reception was awesome. Jon and I went around on a golf cart for a long time. We ran into a couple people, and I mean we actually just about ran into them. We also danced and learned the tango. He is a good dancer, and I really enjoyed it."Did you leave enough room for the Holy Spirit while dancing?" asked my mom. "Nope!" I said.Then on the way home he finally popped the question! No, we are not engaged. But we are officially a couple! I love saying that. And I am really happy. Then we sat in a parking lot for a couple hours and fogged up the windows. ;)Then Sunday, commissioning, Taco Bell, church for hours, Target, DQ twice, and sleep. And today, Monday, a lot of last minute running around. I finally got my ring back which I am thrilled about. But I shall go to bed now, well not really, I just need to go finish up whatever.Hasta la vista! Have fun missing me!